Violating Fire Safety Regulations Could Lead to Unlimited Fines


Following on from the Grenfell tragedy, the government has published its response to the increasing fire safety concerns highlighting strict measures to enforce compliance.

The government announced new guidelines this spring in its bid to reduce the number of fire-related accidents in Britain.

Anybody who is violating fire safety regulations under Fire Safety Order 2005 can be charged, as well as those who obstruct or impersonate an inspector.

The new measures will help to mitigate fire-related accidents and ensure strict compliance with the latest standards of fire safety.

The aim is to improve the quality of fire risk assessments mandatory to building safety. It will ensure that property owners and their employees are competent to promptly identify and manage fire hazards and prevent/control fire breakouts.

These measures call attention to the growing importance of adequate fire safety training in Britain. The new fines were announced as a part of the government’s response to Fire Safety Consultation. They will take effect before the second anniversary of the Grenfell Inquiry Phase 1 Report this year.

The Home Office also has added a further £10 million boost for Fire and Rescue Authorities across England. This is in addition to £6 million already issued to take on additional duties due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Fire Awareness Training

Our Fire Awareness Training course gives a basic understanding of fire prevention principles, the sources of ignition and fuel and safe systems of work to prevent fire hazards and accidents within the work environment.

Updates on the New Regulatory Framework

While improving the quality of fire safety, the measures will help save lives and set an example of anyone failing in their duty to ensure proper fire protections are in place. Fire Minister Lord Greenhalgh said that firm action would be taken against parties neglecting or violating fire safety regulations.

The new measures will help:

  • Improve the quality of fire risk assessments and competence of those who complete them
  • Ensure vital fire safety information is preserved over the lifespan of all regulated buildings
  • Improve cooperation and coordination amongst people responsible for fire safety
  • Strengthen punishment for anyone impersonating or obstructing a fire inspector
  • Strengthen guidance issued  under the Fire Safety Order so that failure to obey this law may be considered as a breach in compliance
  • Improve engagement between Building Control Bodies and Fire Authorities in reviewing plans for building work
  • Require all new flats above 11 metres tall to install premises information boxes

Why are the New Measures Crucial to Health and Safety in the UK?

Penalisation of fire safety offences has been considerably lower in the past. Several of these offences were outside the remit of Health and Safety Legislation and did not account for all contemporary fire hazard issues.

The imposition of new fines and regulations for fire safety is a major step towards improving law enforcement while ensuring the safety of the citizens.

According to research, a vast percentage of fire accidents are linked with the lack of proper training and awareness about fire safety and control.

Lack of fire safety represents a severe hazard to flourishing economies such as the UK. It poses a potential threat to life, structure, property and the environment.

Maintaining Compliance is the Only Way

With the current status quo, fire safety training through an authorised partner has become imperative for building owners and their staff. This includes risk assessments, general awareness, and specific fire safety certifications such as Essentials of Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Door Inspection, Fire Safety in Offices, and Extinguishing Fires at Work.

Maintaining compliance safeguards a business’s financial integrity and protects its image as a law-abiding entity in the UK. With Human Focus‘s comprehensive library of online fire safety courses, you can rest assured that your property is thoroughly protected and your frontline workers are fully educated and trained in the latest guidelines from the government.

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