Fire Safety In Offices – What Everyone Needs To Know

fire safety

Fire Safety in Workplace

Why this Fire Safety Online Course?

  • Helps to enhance the training compliance
  • Fire safety awareness course helps in reducing the financial implications associated with fire damages
  • fire safety training for employees helps to improve their ability of dealing safely with fire hazards and risks
  • This training course is 100% online- you can take this course from anywhere and at any time
  • Easily accessible 24/7 on computer and mobile App
  • Fire safety at work training saves money –no travelling required to take classes
  • The training content comprises of engaging audio and visual format for quick understanding
  • Interactive section quizzes with drag and drop, multiple choices, true/false options
  • IIRSM-approved certificate available immediately upon successful completion of this fire safety awareness e-learning training

Fire Safety Training Courses Offered by Human Focus

Human Focus is currently offering the following online training courses under the fire safety toolkit:

What does Fire Safety Course in Offices Cover?

At the end of this fire safety awareness training, the learner will be able to understand:

  • What are basic fire prevention principles?
  • What are the sources of ignition?
  • What are the sources of fuel?
  • What are the safe systems of work?
  • Knowledge about different fire safety equipment and their correct usage
  • Knowledge of fire evacuation procedures through fire drills
  • How to extinguish small fires?

Fire Safety Awareness Course- Target Audience

This online course is specially designed for:

  • Employees, of any sector, worldwide
  • Supervisors
  • Managers

Why your organisation needs this Fire Safety in Offices Course?

If a fire were to occur at work, it could have devastating effects – people can lose their lives. Your organisation may never recover. It is important to ensure high standards of safety to control fire risks at your organisation. Here, fire safety training for employees plays a vital role.

1. Fire Prevention

We all need to keep our eyes open to identify fire hazards and take action in order to maintain high standards of fire safety in the workplace

2. Fire Evacuation

Assisting with the rapid, safe evacuation of the premises in the event of a fire – including assisting visitors and members of the public who are not familiar with the evacuation arrangements in your organisation

3. Extinguishing Fires

You might be given the training to help put out small fires before they can spread and cause significant damage.  It must be emphasised that this is only for small fires, and you are not expected to take any risks with your own safety.

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace