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Every employer must prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of their workers. But investing in health and safety training for your entire workforce can be expensive and difficult to manage. You can easily fulfil your legal and moral duties to protect and educate your workforce with our extensive library of off-the-shelf health and safety courses.

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Stay Up to Date with Your Health and Safety Certifications

Choose from our most in-demand workplace health and safety training courses to get the accreditations you need. From the construction sector to logistics and distribution, you’ll find the right courses to coach your staff, demonstrate compliance and help grow your business.

Why Health and Safety is Critical

Individual pain and suffering is only one consequence of work-related accidents or ill health. Employers also have to shoulder the financial burden of sickness-related absence, compensation, damaged equipment and fines for health and safety breaches.

There are also numerous indirect costs that are much harder to quantify. These costs include delays in production, loss of skills, forced downtime due to accident investigations and increased insurance premiums.

If you’re an employer, you have a moral, financial and legal duty to protect your staff. It’s essential to provide occupational health and safety courses online or by other means. Failure to do so can have severe consequences for you, your employees and your organisation.

Are You Aware of Your Responsibilities?

Employers in the UK are required by law to protect the health, safety and welfare of their workforce and anyone else who might be impacted by their work operations.

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act of 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1999 specify the legal obligations employers have towards their staff.

These obligations include requirements to:

  • Identify reasonably foreseeable hazards through risk assessments
  • Ensure any hazards identified are controlled to reasonably practicable level
  • Provide workers with the knowledge, resources and training – such as health and safety awareness courses online – to perform their jobs safely
  • Make sure that the tools, equipment and machinery used at work are up-to-date, properly maintained and safe to use
  • Supply essential personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensuring it’s used correctly
  • Provide sufficient welfare facilities such as restrooms, washing facilities & rest areas
  • Communicate health and safety issues to the workforce & their safety representatives
  •  Appoint qualified individuals to assist in managing health & safety
  • Keep track of any near-misses or accidents and using this information to improve their health and safety performance

Employers who are unable to fulfil their legal responsibilities under health and safety laws may face prosecution or heavy fines. Companies must take their responsibilities seriously and implement efficient health and safety management systems alongside arranging online health and safety training for employees.

Why Choose Health and Safety Training with Human Focus?

The Human Focus catalogue of health and safety training courses offers guidance for both general and specific work areas.

Online training offers benefits such as:

Study any time & in bite-size sessions
Discounts on volume purchases
More affordable than classroom training
Excellent trainee support
Ensure compliance with the relevant legislation
Helps reduce accidents and prevent potential injuries
Improves productivity and keeps workers motivated

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Human Focus health and safety courses are all accredited or assured by notable bodies such as IOSH, RoSPA, UKATA, CPD, RSC, IATP and IIRSM.

Yes. You’ll need to complete your chosen health and safety online course and pass the end-of-course assessment to earn your health and safety certificate online. The type of course needed depends on your workplace training needs and legal requirements.

The online health and safety certificates  offered with our training courses generally last up to three year. But, depending on the types of hazard faced and the risks involved referesher training may need to occur more frequently. It is up to employers to determine how frequently training should occur. Employers are the ones most familiar with the risks they face and aware of what controls – such as training – are required.

The level of health and safety training you need depends on a number of factors, including your job role, the type and nature of your work, the type of risk involved and the legal requirements to work safely. Whether you’re in management or just starting in a new industry, you’ll be able to find suitable health and safety training courses in our library.

The most immediate benefit of health and safety training is legal compliance. All employers must follow relevant workplace safety legislation to avoid legal or financial penalties. Beyond compliance, companies that invest their time and money in training programmes like our health and safety online courses help create safer, more productive working environments.

Workers with the awareness and abilities to recognise hazards, manage them efficiently and avoid ill health or injuries are more motivated, productive and engaged with health and safety initiatives. Individuals who complete workplace safety training can also demonstrate their knowledge and skill in managing health and safety at work with a health and safety certification.

Health and safety training is not optional. Employers are required by law to offer their personnel vital health and safety at work training to perform their job safely. This is both a legal and moral duty and one of the best ways to support workplace wellbeing.

Health and safety training enables employees to recognise and control workplace hazards, lowering the likelihood of incidents and minimising the risk of injuries. It also ensures that employees are aware of their legal obligations, adhere to relevant laws and standards and feel safer at work. Feeling secure at work helps keep workers focused, boosting productivity and preventing disruptions to their workflow.

Our off-the-shelf online training for staff covers a wide range of courses to choose from, including  health and safety management courses, work safety training and numerous health and safety manager courses among others.

The full course library includes:

  • First Aid Courses: This basic awareness course provides trainees with best practices to provide immediate assistance to casualties until professional first aid arrives
  • Fire Safety Courses: Trainees undertaking fire safety training learn how to identify and deal with fire hazards, supporting workplace fire safety
  • Hazardous Substances Courses: These courses provide trainees with a thorough understanding of handling, storing and transporting hazardous materials safely
  • Manual Handling Courses: These courses help trainees learn appropriate lifting, loading and lowering techniques to minimise the risk of injuries when moving objects

Online health and safety courses have grown in popularity in recent years because they give both employers and their employees easy access to training and certification. This accessibility makes it easier to fit the courses around other duties and manage employees’ training records. And without the overheads of in-person training, online courses are more affordable than classroom-based equivalents.

Our online health and safety training courses cover a wide range of subjects, from workplace health and safety to the use of risk assessments to ensure a safe working environment.

Yes. Our occupational health and safety courses give you the flexibility to access the courses anytime and anywhere so you can learn at your own pace.