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Fire Door Inspection

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Fire doors are critical components of a building’s passive fire safety system. They play a key role in preventing the development and spread of fire, allowing occupants to escape to a place of safety.

This training is designed to assist a “responsible person” to carry out fire door inspections effectively. It is an extended course that develops the knowledge required to undertake this type of inspection.

Along with this, this course comes with a free e-checklist, which takes users step-by-step through the fire door inspection process, while ensuring it is recorded.

Fire Door Inspection Need

According to the recent report sent out by Fire Door Safety Week, 60% of the local authorities in Great Britain delayed fire door maintenance and inspection programmes in the first half of 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. This delay affected approximately 10,000 properties.

Legal Responsibilities

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, business owners have a legal duty to:

  • Ensure the safety of every employee who uses premises where fire may occur
  • Carry out a fire risk assessment process in the workplace
  • Identify risk assessment findings and details of anyone who is at risk, in case of a fire event
  • Offer appropriate training, and fire precautions to the employees to minimise the risk of fire hazards in the workplace

Under this regulation, business owners have a statutory duty to name a “responsible person” who will oversee fire arrangements in work premises. The responsible person role is to ensure that necessary fire safety arrangements are put in place for the safety of all employees working on their premises.

The Human Focus Fire Door Inspection training programme helps organisations to understand how to comply with the law. The details of the course are as follows:

Objectives of Inspections of Fire Doors Online Training

The prime objective of this online training is to support delegates who have a duty to carry out Fire Door Inspections. The core purpose of the training is to provide trainees involved in the maintenance and testing of fire doors with the knowledge required to carry out fire door inspections within the workplace.


There is no formal entry requirement for this training course.

Course Content of Fire Door Inspection Online Course

This online inspection course is highly engaging and is comprised of three modules and an end test. The details of the topics taught in each module are as follows:

Module 1 – Regulations, Standards & Certification

  • What is a fire door?
  • Fire door regulations
  • Fire safety responsibilities – duty holder roles
  • Fire door design standards
  • Testing, assessment, and certification of fire doors
  • Why fire doors are necessary – the role of inspections and who must carry them out

Module 2 – Fire Door Construction & Design

  • Types and parts of fire doors that inspectors need to be aware of
  • The components of fire doors that must be checked and what to look for – specifications and requirements:
    • Types of fire doors
    • Frame and leaf
    • Door seals
    • Door gaps
    • Door hinges
    • Door closing and opening mechanisms
    • Glazing

Module 3- Fire Door Inspection

  • Inspection preparation
  • Door identification
  • Inspecting a fire door – worked process
  • Inspecting different types of fires doors:
    • Steel fire doors
    • Composite doors
    • Steel shutter doors

Fire Door Inspection e-checklist

This online fire door inspection course gives essential guidance on the legal requirements of fire door inspection to maintain compliance. It explains fire door structure, outlines pass/fail guidance, and provides a step-by-step guide for the fire door inspection process.
The fire door inspection e-Checklist is an integrated digital tool, which thoroughly guides you through a fire door inspection, and helps you to record and report it.


What Fire Safety Professionals Say about this Training Course

Having recently completed the Human Focus Fire Door Inspection Course online I highly recommend this to my fellow fire risk assessment professionals. To those who currently serve or have served in the Fire & Rescue Service; architects; those in planning; building control; and facility mangers here is a really useful resource. The vast majority of fire doors do not meet the current standards, do not operate as designed or intended and are most likely to fail at the very time they are needed. Fire doors and shutters provide a vital property and lifesaving function – to ignore their importance is putting lives at risk. In addition to the online training, and training certificate for successful candidates, there is a useful download tool for those who are undertaking fire door inspections as part of the fire risk assessment. I am looking forward to booking my next member of staff on this training course.

David Batchelor

Business Owner
Fire Safety Susse

Target Audience of Fire Door Inspection Course

This training course is aimed at anyone who needs to undertake fire door inspections, or is responsible for overseeing fire door inspections including:

  • Managers of buildings or other such facilities
  • Building maintenance staff
  • Safety inspectors
  • Building control officers
  • Insurance assessors
  • Fire risk assessors

Learning Outcomes of Fire Door Inspection Training Online

The learning outcomes of the four modules under this programme are as follows:

Module 1 – Regulations, Standards & Certification

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Have a basic understanding of the fire door and its working in detail
  • Be aware of various regulations that apply to fire doors in the UK and Ireland
  • Understand the fire safety responsibilities and duties of the responsible person under law
  • Understand the different standards that are applied to fire doors
  • Understand the different types of fire door, how they are created, provided and identified
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the importance of fire safety inspections

Module 2 – Fire Door Construction & Design

Delegates will learn the following aspects of fire door construction and design:

  • A basic understanding of different types of fire doors along with their specifications, design variations, and materials
  • The specifications of the timber fire door frames and leaves
  • A basic understanding of the types of door seals, their specification, and usage
  • Awareness of the specifications and purpose of door gaps that surrounds the fire door
  • An understanding of the functioning of door hinges and screws in fire doors
  • Awareness of the roles and functioning of door closers and openers of fire doors
  • An understanding of different types of fire door glazing, its specifications, and accessibility requirements

A basic awareness of features of fire doors that includes mail slots, eye hole viewers, and air transfer grills that plays important role in fire door design and construction

Module 3 –Inspection

By the end of this module delegates will:

  • Develop an understanding of inspection protocols, inspection tools, and the necessary fire door inspection requirements to prepare for the fire door inspection
  • Develop a basic understanding of how to identify the type and configuration of a fire door
  • Create an awareness of how to inspect different parts of a fire door including, frame and leaf, seals, gaps, hinges, door closers, locks, handles, glazing, signage, and other features
  • Develop an understanding of steel fire doors, their characteristics, and the working process
  • Create a basic awareness of how to inspect a steel fire door
  • Develop a basic awareness of composite doors, their characteristics, and the inspection process
  • Create an awareness of how to inspect fire-resisting steel shutters
  • Develop an understanding of how to create an audit trail and detailed records – especially of imminent dangers

Course Assessment – Fire Door Inspection

The final section of the course is the assessment test. It is a short test comprised of 15 random questions covering the sections taught in the fire door inspection course modules. The test helps to determine the delegates’ understanding of the knowledge provided in this multi-module training course.

Benefits of Fire Door Inspection Certification Training Course

Employers and employees will get the following benefits from this training course:

Employer Benefits

  • Minimise the risk of on-site fire spread through systematic checking of fire door integrity
  • Meet legal compliance that ensures the health and safety of all employees
  • Introduces fire safety awareness culture within the whole organisation
  • Provides independently-approved certification for all delegates

Employee Benefits

  • Creates awareness of regulations and standards that fire doors must comply with
  • Helps in demonstrating knowledge of different types of fire door
  • Understand the importance of fire door components such as door closers, hinges, etc
  • Demonstrates the inspection procedure of fire doors
  • Understand the actions needed to perform fire door inspection

Why Choose Human Focus for Fire Door Inspection Training Course?

  • Study any time and in bite-size sessions to suit the trainees
  • Receive a free digital fire door inspection checklist to help implement effective fire door inspections
  • Reduces fire door inspection cost
  • Provides necessary knowledge to carry out mandatory fire door inspections
  • Lower cost than sending people away to a classroom course

Course Format

Format: Online – Trainees can take the course on any Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet, and on PC and Mac desktop computers and laptops

Course Duration:  Approximately 3 hours course

  • RoSPA assured course
  • High-quality video and animation-based course content
  • End of course assessment test
  • Certificate from Human Focus assured by RoSPA

The course does not have to be completed all at one time as the Human Focus management system saves all the information on the trainees’ progress, meaning they can resume the course from the point they left it.

End of Course Knowledge Test

This fire door inspection eLearning training has an assessment test at the end, which appears when trainees complete all modules of the course. The test details are as follows:

  • 100% online test. Trainees do not need to visit a classroom to take the test
  • The test comprises of 15 multiple choice questions, randomly chosen from the topics taught in the course
  • Pass mark – 80%

There are small mini-quizzes at the end of each section throughout the modules, that aim to help trainees learn and pass the end test.

Fire Door Inspection Certification

Trainees will earn a certificate from Human Focus assured by RoSPA after completion of this course.

However, if delegates fail to pass the knowledge test, they get the chance to reattempt the test or retake the course within their subscription period.

Information Links

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Fire Door Inspection cost?

With Human Focus, the Fire Door Inspection online training course cost is normally £295.00 + VAT per person with discounts for multiple purchases.

How often do fire doors need to be inspected?

If a fire door is high in use, it should be regularly inspected, thus, to ensure it is working correctly and would perform effectively in an event of a fire. However, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, fire doors should be inspected at least annually.

How to check a fire door?

The following components of a fire door should be checked:

  • Check that the door is closing automatically
  • Check the smoke heals are placed in good condition
  • Check there are no penetrations in the door
  • Check the door hinges, screws are secure and in good condition
  • Ensure certification – check the label on the fire door that indicates it is a fully certified fire door

To get to know in detail about the fire door inspection process, get enrolled on the Human Focus Fire Door Inspection online course – RoSPA assured. The Fire Door Inspection course costs only £295 + VAT.

What are the regulations for fire doors?

The main regulation for a fire door is Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The regulation applies to owners of buildings, and structures other than individual private homes to protect workers from fire hazards in an event of a fire.

Are fire door inspections a legal requirement?

Yes, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, fire doors must be inspected and maintained at least annually. A fire door plays a key role in fire safety and is a legal requirement in all non-domestic premises.

What is a fire door inspection checklist?

By taking the fire door inspection course by Human Focus, trainees get the free Fire Door Inspection digital checklist. This detailed checklist for fire door inspection helps them to put into action the inspection process covered in the course and reduce administration time.

The content of this checklist covers the latest fire door standards and will help carry out a mandatory inspection.

Note – This offer is for one fire door inspection e-checklist licence per trainee who completes this course. This e-Checklist licence is for their use and cannot be transferred or shared by other users

Product Details

Study lengthApproximately 3 hours
Approval bodyRoSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Target AudienceDuty Holders, Managers and Supervisors – Managerial Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentOnline Multiple Choice Test
CertificationOnline Certificate Issued Immediately on Course Completion

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