RoSPA Training

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is a UK charitable organisation dedicated to saving lives and preventing serious injuries. First founded in 1916, the RoSPA has been instrumental in campaigning for a wide range of health and safety legislation.


Although the main focus of the RoSPA is on accident prevention, the charity provides a variety of services relating to occupational health and safety, as well as road, home, leisure, and education safety. The RoSPA works with businesses and other organisations throughout the UK and across the globe.

RoSPA assurance ensures that a course has been assessed by an independent organisation and meets an acceptable standard. To gain RoSPA assurance, a training prover must provide RoSPA with information on their company history, the content of the course, details about any relevant legislation and the duration of the course.

Because of the organisation’s long and successful history, RoSPA assurance is much sought after by training course providers. A RoSPA assured course immediately lets participants know that the information they will receive is relevant and conforms to best industry practices.

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RoSPA Assured Courses