Upgrade Your Accident Lessons Learnt Training

This video case study shows how Human Focus have assisted Tarmac to improve their accident lessons learn training.

What are Tarmac’s Life Saving Rules?

CRH, Tarmac’s parent company, created what it calls “Life Saving Rules”. These are safety policies designed to provide consistency in health and safety standards across all of the operational businesses they run globally.

At present, there are 16 Life Saving Rules. They address a range of health and safety risks that Tarmac is exposed to, including:

These Life Saving Rules are all about task-specific learning within the workforce.

They aim to raise awareness in each individual so that they can apply that learning on the job.

Health and Safety Training

Our Health and Safety Training course give trainees a thorough understanding of the key aspects of safety and health that individuals may encounter and the legal, moral and operational health and safety responsibilities that anyone needs to know to work safely within an industrial environment. 

How are Life Saving Rules communicated?

For a message to be clear and understandable, it must be well-organised. The model that Tarmac use is:

  • Why?
  • How?
  • What?

‘Why’ is about exploring the consequence of what has happened previously in accidents, or what could potentially happen.

‘How’ explores the legislation and health and safety standards that are in place within Tarmac to deal with these hazards.

‘What’ then covers how Tarmac employees need to put into practice this learning, and the behaviours they required on the job to keep them safe – in short, what best practice looks like.

What were the challenges in publishing this learning content prior to working with Human Focus?

Prior to working with Human Focus, a major challenge for Tarmac was consistency of delivery of these concepts throughout their business. For example, new hires were not necessarily exposed to the Life Saving Rules, if their arrival was at a point in between traditional training sessions.

In the previous off-line approach, it was also difficult for Tarmac to track the delivery of this training. All training records were held by local site managers as manual paper-based records. This made it impossible to see centrally how this information was being taken up across the business.

How Human Focus helped Tarmac

With the help of Human Focus, these Life Saving Rules are available online as interactive e-learning courses. The integrated Learning Management System allows Tarmac to assign training, maintain records, and keep it all in one place.

When individuals arrive into the Tarmac business they can now undertake the training relevant to their role immediately. Managers no longer have to worry about finding the time to schedule and track face-to-face sessions, while working around multiple schedules.

The context of task specific training allows them to feel and see exactly how this guidance applies to their role within Tarmac.

The Human Focus system allows Tarmac to quickly see who has done what. They have records, including who has passed and failed, via the knowledge tests that are part of this online health and safety course.

This has provided Tarmac with a clear picture of their health and safety training performance, helps them to pinpoint their learning needs, and ensure compliance

What are the benefits of getting these Life Saving Rules out to their workforce as interactive e-learning courses?

Tarmac has identified a number of key benefits that include:

Consistency of delivery – this is huge benefit for any large organisation.

  1. Open access – employees can take this training anytime, anyplace, that suits their learning needs. If an employee needs to brush up, this content is always available to them at the click of a button.
  2. Training is relevant – each employee is provided with training specific to the tasks that they do.
  3. Professionally delivered – Tarmac had the final say on the look and feel of their e-Learning content during each step of the process to create high-quality programmes they approved of.
  4. To Deadline – Training content was produced and published according to the timescales that Tarmac needed to meet.

How have Tarmac found the process of working with Human Focus?

According to Tarmac, the process worked really well. The learning content development team at Human Focus helped to drive the process of getting the necessary training out to their workforce.

If you would like to explore how you can upgrade your own health and safety training online, then contact us today to discuss your needs. We can show you how easy it is to convert existing documents, such as accident lessons learned reports, into interactive online training materials.

We will be happy to demonstrate how we can assist you, as we did Tarmac.

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