Language Translation for online courses

Human Focus online courses now available in a wide range of languages


Human Focus is pleased to announce the launch of a new language translation service for its comprehensive library of online training courses.

Over the coming months we will be rolling out a large library of translated courses in a wide range of languages. There is no cost for the translation work.

The languages that are available are:

ArabicChinese MandarinDanishDutch
English AustralianEnglish USFrenchFrench Canadian
PortuguesePortuguese Brazilian
Spanish Castilian
Spanish Mexican
Spanish US

Health and Safety Training

Our Health and Safety Training course give trainees a thorough understanding of the key aspects of safety and health that individuals may encounter and the legal, moral and operational health and safety responsibilities that anyone needs to know to work safely within an industrial environment. 

The translated versions are high-quality that include full voice-over translation along with all screen graphics and testing. The Human Focus e-learning system interface can also be displayed in the relevant language. This provides a seamless user experience for all your employees regardless of native language.

Here is a short example of a Spanish translation version of a Human Focus course:

Human Focus courses are an excellent option for use in territories around the world.   The courses use full motion video produced by computer generated video graphics.  This avoids images which are tied to any specific territory whilst still providing highly detailed explanations.

The computer generated video also enables the courses to recreate accidents and incidents which would be very difficult to do with normal live video.

This Human Focus translation service now enables you to deliver consistent health and safety training to your employees on a global basis.

If you require online courses in different languages then please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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