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Lock Out, Tag Out, Try Out (LOTOTO) Online Training + e-Checklist *

Course Name: Lock-Out Tag-Out Try-Out – LOTOTO

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Lock Out, Tag Out, Try Out (LOTOTO) + e-Checklist

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This lock-out, tag-out, try out (LOTOTO) – Safe System of Work course is for anyone that must use or be aware of LOTOTO practices. LOTOTO is a system that protects workers from uncontrolled energy that might escape from machinery or equipment during servicing or maintenance work.

This LOTOTO training course comes with two free e-checklists that are designed to walk you through the process of preparing for energy isolation and then return operations to normal.

Failure to follow standard operating procedures in respect to energy isolation puts individuals and organisations unnecessarily at risk. This course is designed to protect anyone working in an environment where LOTOTO is required and supports meeting relevant legal training obligations.

Why This Lock-Out, Tag Out, Try Out (LOTOTO) Awareness Course is Vital

Each year, thousands of employees are injured while performing basic repair and maintenance work, as per Health and Safety Executive. Many of these are due to the uncontrolled release of energy.

Energy can take many forms and each presents its own hazards and require controls to ensure the health and safety of those working with or near it.

Types of energy include:

  • Gravity
  • Hydraulic
  • Heat
  • Electrical Shock
  • Pressurised
  • Chemical
  • Pneumatic

Having a Lock-Out, Tag Out, Try Out (LOTOTO) strategy helps businesses reduce the risk of injuries and accidents due to these types of energy. It ensures the safety of workers and reduces business risk. Employees must be provided with adequate training to implement these procedures properly.

Human Focus’ Lock-out, Tag-out, Try out (LOTOTO) – Safe System of Work online course will provide your employees with this vital information.

Legislative Requirements

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) require business owners to protect workers from possible injuries associated with work equipment. This includes equipment which can store energy in its various forms.

The electricity at work regulations 1989 places legal duties on employers to ensure the safety of electrical devices. It also draws attention to the importance of isolating electrical equipment before commencing work on live circuits.

Objectives of Lock-Out, Tag Out, Try Out (LOTOTO) Training Online

This LOTOTO online training course provides trainees with a clear understanding of the importance of the Lock-Out, Tag Out, Try Out (LOTOTO) procedure as a safety measure preventing accidents and injuries during maintenance and service works.


This health and safety online training requires:

  • No prior subject knowledge
  • No course certification requirement

Course Content of Lock-Out, Tag Out, Try Out (LOTOTO) Online Course

The users/trainees will explore the following aspects of the equipment isolation procedure in this LOTOTO training course:

  • Case studies
  • Energy Isolation Principles
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Lock-Out, Tag-Out Devices
  • LOTOTO: Initial Steps
  • LOTOTO: Isolation
  • LOTOTO: Return to Operation

Who This LOTOTO Course is For

This LOTOTO training online is intended for those who work in any industrial environment and uses the work equipment or machines for servicing and maintenance work. Experienced workers such as plant managers and engineers can also benefit from this course.

Learning Outcomes of This LOTOTO Online Training

The delegates will learn the following aspects of safe working with industrial equipment in this training:

  • Examination of several case studies to highlight where energy isolation has required the consequences of failing to do so.
  • Energy isolation principles to check energy sources on machines and the need for their accountability
  • Roles and responsibilities of workers to ensure the LOTOTO system is functioning correctly to keep everybody safe
  • Examination of the devices used to lock out and tag out energy sources
  • Nine key Steps involved in the LOTOTO procedure
  • Roles of the responsible individual at each step of LOTOTO

Benefits of This Lock-out Tag-out Try-out (LOTOTO) Online Course

Employer benefits

  • Compliant with relevant health and safety regulation
  • Reduces the risk of electrical injuries and accidents
  • Improves safety culture within the industry
  • Improves work efficiency

Employee benefits

  • Learn why LOTOTO is required
  • Gain understanding of LOTOTO procedures
  • Build awareness of LOTOTO devices
  • Gain confidence in work practices

Why Choose Human Focus for Lock Out Tag Out Try Out (LOTOTO) Course?

Human Focus online course offers the following benefits:

  • RoSPA assured
  • Fully compliant with health and safety legislation
  • User-friendly learning management system (LMS)
  • Easy tracking of progress and training records
  • Fully online
  • Self-paced
  • Comprehensive
  • Accessible from any device

Course Format

Format: 100% online / Single Module / 7 sections

Duration:  30+ minutes

Knowledge Test 

The knowledge test is a pass or fail assessment test. It appears when trainees complete all sections of the course. This test requires a score of at least 100% to achieve the certification. Trainees have two attempts to pass the assessment test.

Lock-Out, Tag Out, Try Out (LOTOTO) Training Certificate

Trainees will earn a certificate from Human Focus assured by RoSPA after completion of this course.

These certificates are sent online via registered email in PDF format and are downloadable.

Information Links

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is used to carry out safe isolation?

Lock-out devices use a lock to ensure an energy-isolating device cannot move from a safe position so that equipment or machinery cannot be energised.

The type of lock-out devices needed depends on the machinery or the electrical equipment you plan to lock out. When setting up the isolation strategy, one needs to assess the equipment requirements and then choose the lock-out products.

Examples of Lock-out devices include:

  • Keyed and combination locks
  • Gate valve locks
  • Ball valve locks
  • Group lockout hasp
  • Valve hand wheel covers
  • Circuit breaker locks

Why do we need a lock-out tag-out strategy?

A failure to safely isolate of energy sources is a significant contributor to many workplace fatalities in the UK.  Having a lock-out tag-out strategy in the workplace helps keep employees safe while performing any repairing or maintenance work on electrical equipment. The uncontrolled source of energy is hazardous and causes severe injuries and even fatalities if handled carelessly.

How to safely isolate electrical equipment?

The LOTOTO procedure ensures that any hazardous energy source is isolated before commencing any maintenance or servicing work with electrical equipment.

For safe isolation of electrical equipment, the isolation points must be identified and labelled. After that, install the energy isolation devices for blocking the equipment from the energy source.

The important point to consider here is you need to isolate all the energy sources, rather than just isolating the fuses.

Product Details

Study length30+ minutes
Approval bodyRoSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Target AudienceAll Staff Members – Awareness Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentOnline Multiple Choice Test
CertificationOnline Certificate Issued Immediately On Course Completion

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