About Us

Human Focus is a global leader in skilled behaviour change in the workplace.
We assist clients in achieving world-class business performance by helping to build skills and change habits that keep workers safer, healthier and more productive.

We were founded in 1992 and have grown over our 30 years of service to form close working partnerships with leading health and safety organisations, insurance companies and trade associations.

Our Vision

We believe that accidents and ill health can be prevented by changing human behaviour and reducing error. Everything we do aims to reduce this risk by changing work habits. This is the Human Focus. The way we do this is to supply innovative digital training solutions that support on-the-job performance improvements.

Our Mission

We save lives by building skills and helping people to implement performance-enhancing habits in the workplace. We provide an online training system that engages people to put into action skilled behaviours that reduce risk as they work. This service assists our clients to achieve world-class safety culture and business outcomes.

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits

What We Do

e learning - Human Focus


An online e-Learning system that builds knowledge and skills via a training reinforcement approach. Select a wide range of off-the-shelf courses.

e competency


Assess and track the competency of supplier / contractor organisations and individual employees. Ensure the right person for the right job every time

e checklist - Human Focus


Provide employees with digital work-forms and checklists which can be completed via mobile devices on-the-job. Deliver instructional guidance as they work

content builder

Content Builder

A simple online system that enables you to rapidly
turn your documents and presentations into interactive e-Learning