Complete audits and inspections digitally

  • Create digital e-Checklists for audits, inspections and risk assessments
  • Easily track any actions and assign to the right team members to resolve
  • Access relevant e-Checklists via QR codes – place on equipment or documents
  • Insert guidance documents and videos within checklists

Meaningful Compliance –
Our experts will help you reduce the time and costs of completing mandatory compliance tasks

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Health & Safety Checklist

The Human Focus e-Checklists system has been designed specifically to make the implementation of health and safety easy and comprehensive, while minimising human error.

Employers must not only take action on health and safety, but they also must prove that they have. From conducting routine inspections and health and safety audits to ensuring your front-line workers are doing their part, this is easier said than done. It is common for organisations to miss vital steps, forget to check who did what or whether a problem spotted was resolved.

Our digital health and safety checklist assists you by ensuring everything that needs to be done is getting done and done the right way. Importantly, records of all of this are kept and easy to find.

Risk assessment templates may help to address hazards generally – however, without the help of a professional, one is bound to miss key information. Standard HSE risk assessment templates may fail to address needs specific to your business, they can be forgotten and they are easy to lose.

Internal health and safety inspections should be performed regularly by your company’s safety team or site supervisors keeping a risk assessment template or checklist on paper and/or digitally.

e-checklist template

Benefits of Health & Safety Checklist

Improve reporting compliance

Significantly reduce management time

Improve the quality of reports

Improve reporting compliance

Employers don’t just need to understand how health and safety is being implemented, they also must prove that it is being implemented. Otherwise, they run the risk costly fines and claims. The Human Focus workplace safety inspection checklist helps you track your policy, maintain records and ensure compliance, while improving your health and safety performance.

Significantly reduce management time

Cut through confusing paperwork and bureaucracy of health and safety, and get to the heart of what matters. The hse checklist by Human Focus let’s you understand what’s happening on the front line, helps your staff to build safe working practices into their day-to-day routines and guides both of you through the risk assessment process, whenever it’s needed.

Improve the quality of reports

Improve the quality of your reporting with the Human Focus’ workplace risk assessment checklist. It not only keeps your records for compliance, but also makes the process clear, accurate and easy, allowing you and your staff to upload photos and videos as well as text via speech recognition software.

Features of e-Checklist

How it Works

health and safety audit
Health & Safety Checklist in Workplaces

The Role of Health & Safety Checklist(s) in Workplaces

Paper checklists are easy to lose, easy to smudge and easy to forget to do in the first place. The Human Focus e-checklist app guides your employees digitally through the inspection and risk assessment process in a convenient, thorough and easy-to-use format.

Through the use of scannable QR e-labels and stickers placed around your site or office, we provide a practical trigger to remind and guide employees or representatives step-by-step. After scanning the code, the health and safety review checklist will open on their device with all of the information they need to document, which will be saved for later retrieval and review.

Our e-checklist app is multi-functional, with the ability to transform your current forms into digital health and safety compliance checklists, and create digital training manuals from paper materials to save time and money.

Convenient Access

Users can access forms and hse checklist(s) by scanning QR codes – place the QR codes on machines, walls or in documents for convenient user accessibility.

Effective Reporting

Get the option to attach media files and add text via voice recognition to make your reports more descriptive by using our risk assessment template for comprehensive health and safety audits.

Convenient Access
workplace risk assessment

Ensures Problems are Resolved

The problem reporting function creates actions that can be assigned to users and easily tracked to resolution. Customised health and safety compliance checklists can inform your safety management team what’s been done.

Ensures Reports Get Done

Our scheduling function alerts users when work forms and reports need to be completed, automatically generating trackable data. Create a health and safety inspection checklist for the workplace in the UK or any other country to stay in compliance with the law.

Ensures Reports Get Done
Easy Report Management

Fast Reporting

Reports are submitted immediately via the tap of a button – from anywhere in the world, making the most of your health and safety inspection checklists.

Easy Report Management

The central management portal provides an easy overview of reporting activity and automatically tracks the health and safety compliance checklist. A health and safety checklist template can easily be managed, reported on, and provided with automated scoring tracks performance.

Templates That Meet Your Needs

A wide range of health and safety checklist templates are ready for you to use, covering mandatory inspection, risk assessment, and audit e-Checklists. You can also use our health and safety checklists to turn any existing work form into an intelligent digital document.

Plug & Play Service

This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, with full technical support – you can be up and running in minutes, quickly streamlining your existing documentation with the help of our risk assessment templates and more.

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Human Focus e-Checklist

A Commercial Benefit, Says ESG PLC (Case Study)

ESG PLC – an electrical and mechanical installation firm with around 250 employees – is using Human Focus’ e-Checklists for a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Risk assessments
  • Pure checks
  • Pure inspections
  • General supervisor management inspections and audits

“This isn’t just a safety tool, this is a commercial benefit.”
– ESG PLC representative.

Before switching to the Human Focus e-Checklist app, the company used paper forms scanned by teams to conduct their reporting, which they found to be ineffective. After switching to the Human Focus app they say that it has ‘revolutionised the company reporting and record management’. Now they have a way of proving something has actually been inspected by the safety team and verified.

Detailed User Guide for Human Focus e-Checklist

Creating & Publishing an
e-Folder Scheduling & Managing Actions
Essential Health & Safety Tool
Submitting e-Checklists
QR Codes for e-Folders
Action Items
Creating & Publishing an e-Checklist

E-checklists are facilitated by a folder system, or e-folders, which store your e-checklists and allow you to publish them. On the main navigation tab of the Human Focus app, you will see e-Folder Home. This is where you can set up and manage the content of your e-Folders.

e-Folder Scheduling & Managing Actions

An e-Folder can be scheduled to be sent out to individuals or groups on at whichever channel they require. Within e-Checklists, you can also create actions so that when a problem is identified, a report is created which appears in e-Folder Home for further attention. Within e-Folder Home, you can manage all required actions, such as accessing e-folders and submitting e-checklists.

Submitting e-Checklists

Once you access an e-Folder, an e-Checklist can be opened, completed and submitted. On the Human Focus mobile app click on the e-Checklist icon which shows the same tabs as on the desktop but in a vertical format. You can access the e-folder, and complete the media items in exactly the same way as you would on a desktop. Users can access other media items such as guidance documents or help videos as well.

Action Items

When an e-Checklist is created, any of the questions within it can be assigned as an action item. The users can add photographs and videos to help explain the problem. By clicking on ‘create action’ then submits an action item for this e-Folder.

QR Codes for e-Folders

When an e-folder is created the system automatically produces a dedicated QR code for that folder. In addition to assigning e-Folders to defined users with schedules, these QR codes can also be used to access the folders by any user anytime. QR codes can be pasted into documents or printed off and put onto walls and machinery. The QR codes can be scanned from within the Human Focus mobile app, which will access the media content in the same way. The app also manages any corrective actions that might be required by the team.

Essential Health & Safety Tool

This health and safety checklist management tool not only helps to ensure the safety of your employees but also makes sure that you have proof of compliance with our easy gap analysis and record management system. You can identify hazards beforehand and let your employees know which assets are okay for usage, and which ones still need to be inspected or repaired. This tool reduces the risk of accident, but also has proven to reduce claims costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

This system is very secure – all reports are encrypted before they are transmitted and access to the management portal is triple password protected

This is Software as a Service (SaaS), you do not need to install any software (other than the mobile app) and there is full technical support availability

Yes, you can easily create your own e-Checklists – we also have templates you can adopt and use

The Human Focus e-Checklist system is round 50% of the price of competing systems

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace