Introduction To The Role of Fire Warden

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Fire Warden Training

Our fire warden course will help you familiarise yourself with this role. It is essential to highlight that while undertaking this programme, you need to consult with several key documents. This includes your organisations fire safety policy and the fire risk assessment for the premises on which you will operate.

Fire Safety Training Courses

Human Focus is currently offering the following online training courses under the fire safety toolkit:

Benefits of Fire Warden Course Online

  • Fire warden training helps employees to behave rationally in case of emergency. In the event of a fire, this training helps employees stay calm and confident, looking out for others as well as themselves.
  • The course enhances training compliance
  • Fire warden training online educates the workforce to spot potential risks and direct staff on how to act effectively
  • The course ultimately helps in reducing the serious financial implications associated in case of fire incidents
  • The learner can complete this training anywhere and at any time
  • It is accessible via computer or mobile App
  • Fire warden online course saves money – no work downtime, no travelling required
  • Engaging audio and visual content with short and punchy sections
  • Interactive section quizzes with drag and drop, multiple choices, true/false options
  • IIRSM-approved certificate available immediately upon successful completion of the course

What does this Fire Warden Training Online Cover?

The course material includes:

  • Roles and responsibilities of Fire Warden
  • Fire prevention principles
  • Sources of ignition
  • Sources of fuel
  • Safe systems of work
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Security measures to avoid deliberate fire occurrences
  • Fire evacuation responsibility of fire wardens
  • Carrying out fire drills
  • Fire evacuation arrangement for the People with disabilities
  • Extinguishing small fires

Fire Warden Training - Target Audience

This e-learning training is specially designed for:

  • Fire wardens
  • Employees, of any sector, worldwide

Why does your organisation need this Fire Warden Training Course?

If a fire occurs at your organisation, it could have devastating effects. People can lose their lives, and your organisation may not fully recover, ever.

Ensuring the highest standards of fire safety is one of the most important risk controls within any organisation. For reliable fire safety, the key players are fire wardens. What are the key responsibilities of this role for saving the organisation from vast devastation?

This fire warden training online educates how the fire warden can help to safeguard lives and property from fire risks. But, they must never take any actions that put their own safety in danger.

Below are the three basic responsibilities of a fire warden:

1. Fire Prevention

Fire wardens are required to keep themselves alert to help identify fire hazards and take appropriate action to deal with fire incidents.

2. Fire Evacuation

Providing fast and safe evacuation in the event of a fire. It includes assisting visitors and members of the public who may not be familiar with the evacuation arrangements in your organisation

3. Extinguishing fires

Depending upon your organisation’s policy, fire wardens might be given the training to help them put out small fires before they can spread and cause significant damage. However, this is only for small fires. Fire wardens are not expected to take any risks with their own safety.

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