Mental Health Myths and Facts – What’s the difference?

mental health myths and facts
Mental Health Myth and Facts Difference
People Are Born With A Mental Illness
Mental Illness Stems from Bad Parenting
Mental Health Disorders Only Affect Certain Types of People
You Only Need to Look After Your Mental Health If You Have A Mental Health Condition
Mental Illness Is Caused by A Personal Weakness
People with A Mental Illness Are Dangerous
People with A Mental Illness Should Be Isolated and Kept in Secure Units
Mental Illness Can Only Be Solved with Medication
People with Mental Health Problems Cannot Hold Down A Job
I’m Not Affected by Mental Health Problems
I’m Of No Help to Someone With A Mental Health Problem
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mental health myths and facts

People with mental health issues are often portrayed in film, television or media as problematic, erratic, dangerous or even violent. In reality, the vast majority of people living with a mental health problem lead relatively normal lives and show no outward signs of any condition they may be suffering with.

Myths about mental health are damaging and reaffirm the stigma that surrounds the subject. Though, untruths are hurtful, not just to those who experience mental health issues but also to their family members, friends and colleagues.

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