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Protect and educate your workers with our comprehensive range of health and safety training courses for the construction industry. These construction training courses give users the knowledge and skills to navigate industry challenges while fostering a safer, more compliant and efficient work environment.

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Choose from our most in-demand construction training courses to get the accreditations you need. Here, you’ll find the right courses to train your staff, demonstrate compliance and grow your business.

Why are Construction Training Courses Important?

Health and safety training is vital in the construction industry due to its high-risk nature. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there were 45 fatalities in the construction industry in 2022/23, more than any other sector.

Training is crucial in preventing accidents, safeguarding employees and reducing financial risks. In addition to improving health and safety, these courses support mental health, minimise disputes and ensure compliance with regulations.

Are You Aware of Your Responsibilities?

As an employer, you must protect the wellbeing and safety of your employees. You must also ensure your organisation complies with legislation and provide all employees with the proper training.  

To fulfil these duties, you must:

  • Establish a safe working environment
  • Implement measures to prevent accidents and injuries
  • Create an inclusive workplace that promotes diversity and equal opportunities
  • Provide training opportunities to enhance skills and boost productivity
  • Ensure that employees receive adequate safety training

All organisations operating within the construction sector are also obligated to follow guidelines set by the following regulatory frameworks:

Following these regulations ensures you fulfil your legal obligations and helps create a safer, more inclusive and more productive work environment for employees.

Why Choose Construction Training Courses with Human Focus?

Study any time & in bite-size sessions
Discounts on volume purchases
More affordable than classroom training
Excellent trainee support
Ensure compliance with legislation relevant to the construction industry
Prevent the risk of accidents and injuries
Foster a safe, compliant and productive construction work environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All Human Focus courses are accredited, assured or certified by notable bodies such as IIRSM, RoSPA, IOSH and CPD.

Yes. All trainees earn a certificate verified by Human Focus and endorsed by the course’s accrediting body.

You’ll need to study all training modules and pass the required assessments to earn your certificate. These assessments are usually multiple-choice and completed at the end of the course.

The certificates offered by our construction training courses generally last up to three years. But, depending on the hazards and risks involved, you may need to take refresher training to update your knowledge and understanding of the subject. It is up to you or your employers to determine how frequently training should occur.

The level of training you need depends on several factors, including your job role, the type and nature of your work, the level of risk involved and the legal requirements to work safely.

Health and safety training plays a crucial role in the construction sector and contributes to the success of the industry. It promotes safety, ensures compliance with regulations and reduces accidents and injuries. This reduction helps boost employee morale and performance while saving on the costs incurred by incidents and their associated delays.

In construction, health and safety training is crucial for worker safety, legal compliance, cost reduction and employee retention. These training programmes ensure that employees are well-prepared to identify and reduce risks, adhere to regulations and maintain a safe workplace culture. They contribute to reduced accidents, lower costs, increased productivity and enhanced quality of work.

Online construction training courses give you access to training and certification when you want it. This accessibility lets you fit training around your and your team’s schedules and makes it easier to manage training records. Online courses also offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person training as they eliminate the overheads associated with classroom-based courses.