A Revolution in Manual Handling Training | Webinar by Ian Pemberton

A revolution is occurring in manual handling training. Research shows that until now this form of training has delivered little to no behaviour change on the job. Musculoskeletal pain and injuries remain a significant problem for many employers as a result of manual handling tasks.

However, significant improvements are now being triggered by a combination of behaviour-based research, which show what works and what doesn’t, combined with cutting edge digital training tools.  These tools have brought down the cost of implementing proven behaviour change principles – which until recently have been impractical or prohibitively expensive.

In this free professional development webinar you will see, through case studies and practical insights, how manual handling training is being transformed.   Ian Pemberton, Managing Director of Human Focus and a chartered ergonomist, will explore:

Why manual handling training routinely fails to change worker behaviour on-the-job.

What the latest evidence-based research, from the UK HSE other leading safety authorities around the world, say you need do to improve manual handling training effectiveness and compliance

Simple adjustments you can make to your manual handling training which will help transfer learning on to the job and change behaviour

How new digital training tools can be used to implement these evidence-based behaviour change principles as part of ongoing manual handling training programs

How these insights and tools can reduce costs and accidents associated with manual handling tasks – which are one of the most common and significant sources of loss for many employers

If you are involved in the design or delivery of manual handling training then this free to attend professional development webinar is a must.  However, places are limited and will be allocated on a first come basis. Ian Pemberton’s webinars are routinely over-subscribed, so book today to avoid disappointment.

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