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Construction Training Courses Online

Human Focus is a leading provider of CDM certification online training courses and offers the following programmes:

Construction Design Management (CDM) For Duty Holders

Approximately 4 hours and 35 minutes course
Aimed at Building Design Leaders and Designers and Construction Site Duty Holders – Managerial level

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Construction Design Management (CDM) Awareness

Approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes course
Aimed at Site Supervisors and Site Staff – Intermediate level

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Our CDM 2015 training courses teach how to plan, manage, and maintain everyone’s safety throughout the construction project. These courses help to understand CDM 2015 regulations, roles, and responsibilities. With RoSPA approval, these eLearning courses guide you towards compliance and legal implications.

The construction industry is a dangerous sector to work in. According to a study, the construction industry accounts for only 5% of the total UK workforce. But, it is responsible for 31% of all workplace injuries.

CDM Courses Online Learning Outcomes

These eLearning courses help delegates in:

  • Identification of which construction work comes under CDM
  • Distinguishing the roles and responsibilities of duty holders under CDM
  • Learning how to plan a construction project for assembling the right pre-construction information
  • Recognising safety measures to promote safe construction work
  • Learning how to maintain a safe working at the construction site
  • Making documentation needed for a safer construction
  • Understanding the CDM regulations to help employees work towards compliance

Target Audience of CDM Training Courses

These training courses are ideal for workers of any role, working on a construction project. They are made aware of their responsibilities by understanding CDM regulations.

Any Prerequisites?

CDM 2015 training courses need:

  • No Prior Knowledge
  • No Previous Certification

CDM e-Learning Courses Organisational Benefits

  • Helps your employees understand their roles and responsibilities and obligations required under CDM 2015
  • Helps your organisation with compliance – training records stored and tracked
  • Saves time and money – no traveling time and cost
  • Flexible – training can be taken anywhere, any time.
  • Complex subject knowledge is made simpler – engaging audio/video content-short and punchy
  • RoSPA approved certificates, upon successful completion of courses

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