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CDM Training Courses by Human Focus

CDM Awareness Training Courses

This CDM training online is related to the Construction Design and Management Regulation (CDM Regulations) 2015. The regulations are aimed at any individual involved in construction works that need a deep understanding of their duties under regulations.

Aim of CDM is to prevent accidents and injuries at the construction sites, by ensuring effective planning from design to construction phase.

This CDM 2015 awareness course covers the key concepts of regulations. It highlights the roles of various duty holders that are involved in a construction project. It further educates delegates about the key documents required to prepare in different phases of construction work. Lastly, it covers the risk assessment process, principles, and different construction hazards and their safe handling.

Benefits of CDM Training Course

  • Train delegates on how to perform work at construction sites without being injured
  • Educate employees about their role in construction projects
  • Educate learners that they are accountable for consideration and management of safety on construction sites.
  • eLearning CDM awareness courses are cost effective-no need to pay fees to expert trainers
  • Courses offer effective eLearning- Learner can take the course at his own pace
  • Mobile app allows to take the course anywhere, anytime
  • Visual and audio content makes the complex subject knowledge easier to understand
  • Interactive quizzes help in developing learner interest in the course
  • Scored Knowledge test
  • RoSPA- approved certificate on passing the knowledge test successfully

Course Content of CDM Awareness Training Courses

The course is structured into three modules, which cover the following elements:

Module 1: Introduction to CDM 2015 Regulations

  • Why is CDM required?
  • Case Studies
  • Overview of CDM
  • Duty Holders Roles
  • Where CDM Applies
  • Deciding if CDM Applies

Module 2- How a CDM Project Works 

  • Appointment Process of Duty Holders
  • Communication and Corporation Requirements between Duty Holders
  • Notifiable Projects
  • Documentation Requirements- Pre Construction
  • Project Documentation Requirements- Construction Phase Plan
  • Project Documentation Requirements-Health and Safety File

Module 3- Risk Assessment Process in a Construction Project

  • Risk Assessment Process in Construction
  • Risk Assessment Definitions
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Construction Hazards
  • Risk Control Principles

Knowledge Test 

After completing the above 3 modules, there will be a knowledge test to assess the learning of delegates. There will be 10 multiple-choice questions. The learner needs to score at least 6 to pass the test. If he does not pass the test in the first attempt, he can retake the test. Or he can retake the CDM awareness training as well.

On passing the test, the learner will be awarded a RoSPA-approved certificate.

CDM Awareness Training Target Audience

This awareness course is ideal for the following:

  • All construction workers who need to develop an understanding for effective safety management of construction project
  • Manager and Supervisors who do not perform formal CDM duty holder roles

It is essential to have a good awareness of CDM principles among construction workers and other duty holders because they are the ones, who are responsible implementing building designs and safety controls on-site.

With their active participation in the CDM training online, ensuring safe construction project planning is achievable.

Organisational Benefits of CDM Awareness Course

Helps your employees understand their roles and responsibilities and obligations required under CDM 2015

Helps your organisation with compliance – training records stored and tracked

Saves time and money – no traveling time and cost

Flexible – training can be taken anywhere, any time.

Complex subject knowledge is made simpler – engaging audio/video content-short and punchy

RoSPA-Approved certificate, upon successful completion of courses

CDM Courses by Human Focus

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