Abrasive Wheels Training

Course Name: Abrasive Wheels – Introduction to the Health and Safety Principles

Abrasive wheels are a leading cause of workplace injury. And nearly half of all incidents occur due to operator error or unsafe work practices. You can prevent this with our online abrasive wheels training course. You’ll learn how to set up, operate and care for abrasive equipment, enabling you to confidently and safely handle a range of cutting, grinding or sanding projects.

Course Details:

Approved by IIRSM

35+ minutes

Single module

Certificate valid for three years

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Abrasive Wheels – Introduction to the Health & Safety Principles

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Course Outline:

Explores your responsibilities when using abrasive wheels and the various hazards you need to be aware of when working with them

Looks at a range of mechanical hazards, common accidents associated with them and what kind of personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to work safely

Explores the electrical risks associated with the improper use of abrasive wheels

Explores the fire hazards associated with abrasive wheel equipment and explains effective ways to minimise fire risk

Walks through common scenarios of dust or debris leading to severe health consequences and how to reduce exposure to hazardous dust at work

Explores the long-term hearing issues linked to the use of abrasive wheel equipment and the relevant safety measures

Explores health issues associated with the vibration of hand-held abrasive wheel tools and the relevant safety precautions

Explains the vital controls to use when assembling and adjusting abrasive wheel tools

Explains how to select the right abrasive wheels for work, the types of abrasives and the relevant safety standards to prevent harm

Explains recommended speeds to minimise health risks while still operating abrasive wheel equipment effectively

Provides tips on handling abrasive wheels correctly to avoid health risks

Covers general operating principles for abrasive wheel safety

Provides tips on servicing and maintaining abrasive wheel equipment to ensure its safe use

About the Course:

The benefits of Abrasive Wheels Training

  • Improved safety – training workers on the proper set-up, handling and operation of equipment with abrasive wheels reduces workplace accidents and injuries. This creates a safer working environment and reduces the risk of liability for employers.
  • Increased productivity – workers who complete abrasive wheel training online can handle equipment more efficiently and confidently, avoiding mistakes or the delays that come from near-misses or incidents.
  • Reduced equipment damage – properly trained staff are less likely to misuse or damage equipment, reducing downtime and maintenance or repair costs.
  • Increased morale and motivation – investing in abrasive wheels training shows that employers care for their workforce’s development and wellbeing. Feeling more valued boosts employees’ morale, motivation and staff retention.
  • Enhanced reputation – prioritising safety and investing in staff training demonstrates positive company values.  A good reputation helps attract quality staff, build customer loyalty and grow the client base.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance – employers who invest in training help fulfil their legal and moral duties around health and safety at work, avoiding potential fines or other penalties.

Why Abrasive Wheels Training is important

Abrasive wheel safety is critical due to the significant risk abrasive equipment poses. Incidents involving abrasive wheels can result in severe cuts, abrasions or debilitating injuries. Operators are also exposed to hazards such as noise and vibration, risking loss of hearing or respiratory issues. Additionally, abrasive wheels are a fire hazard due to the heat or sparks generated when in operation.

Any employer that operates abrasive wheels must ensure all associated risks are controlled as much as reasonably practicable. As part of these risk controls, adequate abrasive wheel training must be provided.

What might happen if Abrasive Wheels Training isn’t followed

If recommended practices are not followed, improper use of abrasive wheels could result in damaged machinery, poor quality of work or personal injury.

Workers face potential pain, suffering and extensive recovery periods while employers risk forced downtime, significant repair costs, reputational damage and serious legal consequences.

Possible accidents, consequences, hazards of not providing training

About half of the accidents that involve abrasive wheel equipment are due to human error or unsafe work practices. And the harm caused can be severe, resulting in hospitalisation or life-changing injuries.

Any workers that operate machines with abrasive wheels need proper guidance and training to mitigate the risks of working with such equipment. Our online abrasive wheels course helps all workers achieve the required level of training.

Related regulations with the course

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) put a number of obligations on people and companies that own, operate or control work equipment to ensure its safe use.

These duties include:

  • Providing adequate information, instruction and training to staff who operate work equipment
  • Maintaining equipment in safe working order
  • Ensuring work equipment is used in accordance with specific requirements

Abrasive wheel training online helps employers comply with all of these legal duties.

Any employer that fails to meet abrasive wheel regulations or is found in breach of PUWER guidelines faces significant penalties, including fines or possible imprisonment.

Learning Outcomes:

Identity the risks associated with the use of abrasive wheel equipment

Recognise different types of abrasive wheels

Learn how to set up, operate and adjust abrasive wheel equipment

Gain awareness of abrasive wheel risk controls

Understand how environmental factors affect abrasive wheel safety

Identify ways to minimise fire risk in the workplace

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Abrasive Wheels Training Certification

abrasive wheel training certificate

End of Course Assessment

You will earn an abrasive wheels certificate after successfully completing an end-of-course assessment.

The assessment is 100% online and multiple choice.

A score of 80% is required to pass.

Certificates are:

  • Approved by IIRSM
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Valid for three years from completion date
  • Include trainee name, company name, course name, completion date, expiry date and approval body

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Certificates are valid for three years from the date of completion. Bear in mind, it is the duty of the employer to ensure staff have adequate information, instruction and training to work safely. More frequent refresher training may be required depending on the nature of the work environment and any changes that have occurred.

This basic awareness training is intended for employees who use abrasive wheels as a part of their job or supervise those who do.