Abrasive Wheels Training

Course Name: Abrasive Wheels – Introduction To The Health & Safety Principles

Course Duration: 30+ minutes

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Abrasive wheels – Introduction to the health and safety principles

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This Abrasive Wheels  online course provides general awareness of the risks associated with abrasive wheels and the controls necessary to minimise the hazards that abrasive wheels pose. The programme gives important instruction about abrasive wheel types, and their handling, operation, and maintenance.

The focus of this programme is on hand held abrasive wheel tools. It is designed to help meet awareness and training legal requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other relevant legislation.

Why Abrasive Wheels Training is Vital

Those who operate abrasive wheels are exposed to a variety of health and safety risks. Abrasive wheels may break if used improperly, contact with them can cause significant damage, and they present various other hazards, such as noise and vibration.

Adequate training is required for operators to understand safe abrasive wheel work practices to minimise the risk of accidents and ill health.

Employers in the UK have a legal duty to provide their staff with the relevant training and instruction to minimise the risk of accident and ill health caused by their work and work environment. This includes the operation of abrasive wheels and their associated hazards.

Objectives of Abrasive Wheels Training

This online course will help trainees to:

  • Maximise awareness of the risks associated with the usage of handheld abrasive wheel tools
  • Increase awareness of the types of abrasive wheels, their equipment, and the associated hazards
  • Familiarise themselves with specific risk assessment processes and safety precautions before commencing work with abrasive wheels
  • Develop an understanding of general principles required to set up, operate, and care for equipment

Course Content of the Abrasive Wheels Course Online

This online training course is broken into the following sections:

  • Safety principles – Part 1
  • Safety principles – Part 2
  • Setting up your tool
  • Operating your tool
  • Servicing and care

Who is this Abrasive Wheel Online Training for?

This online course is intended for employees who use abrasive wheels as a part of their job or supervise those who do. This may include:

  • Welders
  • Project managers
  • Electricians
  • Those in construction
  • Engineers
  • Anyone who wants to develop a basic understanding to operate abrasive wheels

Note: This online training does not cover the use of a specialist grinding machine.

Abrasive Wheel Training Requirements

This e-Learning course is written at an introductory level and does not have any prerequisites.

Benefits of Abrasive Wheels Training Course

Training delivery benefits for employees

  • Comprehensive yet concise
  • Immediate access to all the registered users
  • Covers health and safety risks associated with the usage of abrasive wheel tools
  • Instructs on safety principles to minimise the risk of abrasive wheel injuries
  • Improves risk perception
  • Covers care and maintenance of abrasive wheels and associated equipment
  • Flexible – Runs on any device
  • Convenient – Complete coursework at own pace in bite-size chunks
  • Immediate feedback through end test
  • IIRSM approved abrasive wheels certificate(s) provided on completion

Training delivery benefits for organisations

  • Aids organisations to fulfil legal responsibilities to protect the safety of employees
  • Improves employees’ motivation to perform the job to a high safety standard
  • Builds a positive reputation of the organisation within the industry

Online Abrasive Wheels Training Course Format

Training format: Online course that can be taken on any electronic device

Course duration: 30+ minutes

  • 5 Sections
  • Mini-quizzes at the end of each section
  • Multi-lingual course content available
  • Knowledge test at the end of course

The Abrasive Wheels online training can be completed in one go or in multiple sessions. Progress is saved, so study can be completed any time during the day.

Record management and reporting features allow training supervisors to access progress, status, and results, which are all stored centrally. The Human Focus LMS maintains these records to provide proof of legal compliance.

End of Course Knowledge Test

Human Focus’ Abrasive Wheels course concludes with an online test. Details of the test:

  • 100% online
  • Comprises 15 multiple choice questions
  • Must achieve 80% to pass
  • Users are allowed two attempts

Abrasive Wheels Certificate

On passing the knowledge test, trainees immediately receive a IIRSM approved certificate in PDF format. The certificate is valid for three years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is abrasive wheels training?

Abrasive wheels training provides trainees with an understanding of what abrasives wheels are, the associated health and safety risks of using abrasive wheels and how to avoid them. Providing adequate training of occupational risks is a legal requirement. It will help to protect employees from accidents and injury and the organisation from the associated costs of such accidents, as well as fines for breaches in health and safety law.

What are abrasive wheels used for?

Abrasive wheels are used for surface preparation. They are used for cutting materials and some of their types are also used for deburring, polishing, and finishing. They are used across a variety of industries, for a range of purposes.

What is the maximum permissible speed for an abrasive wheel?

Maximum permissible speed is the fastest safe speed that an abrasive wheel can be operated at. Maximum permissible speed is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm) and metres per second (m/s).

Abrasive wheels larger than 80mm diameter should have the maximum permissible speed marked on them by the manufacturer. For wheels that are 80mm diameter or less should have their maximum permissible speed posted in a position where it can be read. For speeds 50 m/s or higher, coloured stripes will be placed on the wheel.

How long does abrasive wheels training valid for?

Trainees completing this course will receive a certificate which is valid for 3 years from the date of the successful completion of the training. However, it is recommended that refresher training occur annually, as well as anytime there is a significant change to the work environment or equipment, or an incident occurs.

Product Details

Study length30+ minutes
Approval bodyIIRSM approved
Target audienceAll staff members – awareness
FormatOne interactive module with an end of course test
AssessmentOnline multiple-choice test
CertificationOnline certificate issued immediately on course completion

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