Carbon Literacy Training

Take action against climate change, decarbonise operations and enable sustainable growth with Carbon Literacy training.

Our online Carbon Literacy course explores sustainability in a business context. You’ll learn how to develop a carbon management plan specific to your organisation and reduce emissions across your operations. The course also covers improving resource efficiencies to cut costs and the environmental impact of your organisation.

The Course Includes:

Comprehensive yet easy-to-follow explanations

Certificate on completion

Simple login and user access

The latest industry best practice

Learning Outcomes:

Understand sustainability issues in a business context

Measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Develop a carbon management plan

Improve resource efficiencies and lower costs

Gain awareness of relevant legislation and international treaties

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Carbon Literacy

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About Carbon Literacy Training

This online carbon literacy training programme develops an understanding of carbon emissions, climate change and sustainability within a business context.

Leaders and other decision-makers learn how to measure and reduce the environmental impact of their organisation while creating opportunities for cost reductions and enhanced resource efficiencies. Improving environmental performance supports long-term growth and net zero progress.

Why is Carbon Literacy Important?

Climate inaction is delaying net zero progress. Without bold and rapid decarbonisation of our economy, life on Earth is under threat.

Failing to find more sustainable ways of working or reducing carbon emissions is leaving communities and companies vulnerable to the worst effects of climate change. Rising global average temperatures, plummeting biodiversity and increasingly volatile and frequent extreme weather are driving cost increases, supply chain issues and economic instability.

Organisations also risk falling behind legislation or losing customers if they fail to address the environmental impacts of their operations.

Carbon Literacy explores ways to measure and reduce the environmental impact of business activities. This understanding lets you develop more sustainable operations, which unlock cost reductions, resource efficiencies and help you comply with environmental legislation and international agreements.

What are your Responsibilities for Carbon Literacy?

Firms listed on the London Stock Exchange or bidding for a government contract worth at least £5 million must submit decarbonisation action plans that outline how they will meet net-zero targets by 2050.

Additionally, larger firms must release annual reports on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. This currently applies to around 12,000 companies although the government encourages all organisations, regardless of size, to do the same.

All organisations must also comply with environmental law. Legislation includes:

  • The Environmental Protection Act 1990 – This act makes all organisations legally responsible for their waste as long as it exists.
  • The Environmental Act 1995 – This act established the Environment Agency and grants them powers to investigate and prosecute environmental crimes.
  • Climate Change Act 2008 – This act set a legally binding target for the UK to reduce carbon emissions by 78% before 2035 and 100% by 2050.
  • Environmental Act 2021 – This act established the Office for Environmental Protection to monitor environmental performance and set targets to increase recycling, reduce plastic waste, protect wildlife and improve air and water quality. As this act is enabling legislation, it will likely lead to further legal requirements.

While not legally binding, many organisations are now expecting better environmental performance and sustainability from suppliers or partners. The UK is also committed to notable international treaties, including the Paris Climate Agreement. All member countries pledged to keep global temperatures within 2°C of pre-industrial levels, which is essential to stop the most harmful effects of climate change.

Carbon Literacy training online gives you the understanding necessary to bring your organisation and operations in line with net-zero targets and strategies. It also supports compliance with environmental legislation and demonstrates a sustainability commitment to stakeholders.

Course Outline

Four Modules

Approximately 2 hours

This course contains the following modules:

Explores the larger concept of sustainability and provides context for understanding carbon emissions and potential solutions.

Examines critical sustainability issues – such as climate change, resource security and pollution – and strategies to address them. Also looks at how other organisations have had success in these areas.

Outlines existing measures to limit carbon and how your organisation can quantify its emissions and set reduction targets.

Explains how to reduce emissions across your organisation and improve resource efficiency for more sustainable operations.

Why Choose Carbon Literacy Training with Human Focus?

Study anytime and in bite-size sessions

More affordable than classroom training

Discounts on volume purchases

Excellent trainee support

Promotes sustainable operations and environmental protection

Supports net zero targets and improves resource efficiency

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Carbon Literacy Training Certification

carbon literacy training certificate

End of Course Assessment

At the end of the course, users must complete an assessment before earning their certification.

The end-of-course assessment is:

  • 100% online
  • Multiple choice

A score of 80% is required to pass the test.

Approved Certification

The IIRSM-approved certificate will be available for download and printing upon course completion.

What Does my Certificate Include?

The Carbon Literacy training certificate includes the trainee’s name, company name, course name, completion date, expiration date and name of the approval body.

Customer Feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term carbon literacy refers to an understanding of how human activities generate carbon emissions and the harm they cause our environment. This training programme looks at carbon literacy in a business context and gives you the tools to measure and reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

A carbon literate organisation acknowledges and works to limit the environmental impact of its operations. This includes developing more sustainable ways of working, which can lead to cost reductions, improved resource efficiencies and better long-term growth.

Our Carbon Literacy training is for senior staff and decision-makers. You’ll learn how to measure the environmental impact of your organisation and improve sustainability across your operations. These developments will lower costs, promote resource efficiency and support net-zero targets.

You can earn an IIRSM-approved training certificate by completing all modules of this course and passing the final assessment with a score of 80% or more.