Health and Safety in Offices – What Everyone Needs to Know

general health and safety

Office Health and Safety Training Course

Health and safety in offices online course, introduces your employees  to their legal, morale, and operational health and safety responsibilities.

General Health and Safety Courses

Human Focus is currently offering the following e-learning courses under the general health and safety toolkit:

Why this Health and Safety Training Online Course?

  • This course highlights what everyone needs to know about office workplace health and safety
  • Convenient learning – mobile app enables learning anywhere, any time
  • Cuts training costs – no travel expense or time away from work
  • Effective learning- video content, interactive quizzes
  • IIRSM-Approved certificate, upon successful completion of training course

Health and Safety eLearning Course Content

This training programme covers the following:

  • Psychological Health
  • Manual Handling
  • Display Screens
  • Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Fire Safety
  • Work Equipment
  • Accident Reporting

Workplace Safety Training-Target Audience

This work health and safety course is specially designed for:

  • New employees
  • Employees taking refresher training
  • Agency workers carrying out work at your organisation

Why Your Organisation Needs this Health and Safety Training Online?

This essential health and safety training will help your organisation to:

  • Introduce and maintain a healthy safety culture within the industry
  • Improve productivity of employees due to less downtime
  • Meet legal duties in protecting the health and safety of workers, thus protecting your organisation from heavy fines and imprisonment of business owners

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace