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Hand Safety In Industry

Course Name: Hand Safety In Industry – What Everyone Needs to Know

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25+ minutes course

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Hand Safety In Industry – What Everyone Needs to Know

£25.00 +VAT

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This H&S work equipment course highlights the hazards associated with hands during working in the industry. It also educates employees about the safety tips to protect their hands from injuries.

Hands are incredible pieces of engineering. They are made up of a complicated arrangement of 22 small bones. They enable us to perform an amazing range of tasks. Some involve minute degrees of dexterity. But most of the time our hands provide us with a highly flexible tool that has not yet been surpassed by the machines we use.

It’s only when we incur a nagging minor injury that we begin to realise the importance of hands in our daily life.

Hand injuries are common. Organisations need to take safety measures to keep employees safe. It is a vital part of ensuring high standards of health and safety in an organisation. This hand safety and injury prevention training helps in maintaining these safety standards within the company, thus builds the good reputation of the company in the global market.

Benefits of Taking this Hand Safety Online Training Course

  • This training programme educates workers on using work equipment safely
  • It educates how to protect hands while working in an industrial environment
  • It highlights safety tips to safeguard hands from injuries
  • This eLearning programme offers effective learning
  • Mobile application allows course participation anytime, anywhere
  • Audio/ video content helps in gaining the subject knowledge easily
  • Interactive quizzes with drag and drop, multiple choice questions, helps maintain learner engagement in the course
  • Scored Knowledge test
  • Certificate from the accredited bodies for the learners on successfully completing this hand protection for health and safety course

Hand Safety Online Course Content

This eLearning training programme focuses on the following elements:

  • Hazard – Contact with Harmful Substances
  • Hazard – Mechanical Hazards
  • Hazard – Environmental Hazards
  • Hazard – Postural Hazards
  • Safety Tip – Keep out of the Line of Fire
  • Safety Tip – Know What You are Handling
  • Safety Tip – Cover Up
  • Safety Tip – Stay Comfortable
  • Safety Tip – Wash Up

Target Audience of Hand Safety and Injury Prevention Course

This eLearning course is ideal for all employees working in any industrial environment who are in danger of getting hand injuries whilst using work equipment.


This hand safety in industry course requires:

  • No Previous Knowledge
  • No Certification Requirement

Why Your Organisation Need this Hand Safety Work Equipment Guidance Training for Employees?

  • Helps in achieving more productivity of workers. This is because few or no hours are lost as a result of injuries
  • Develop and maintain a safety awareness culture within the organisation
  • Helps in building good company reputation within the global market
  • Approved bodies certificates for colleagues builds value and integrity of the company in the business world

Course Format

Format: Online – delegates can take the training course on any of the mobile, desktop, or tablet devices, such as IOS or Android

Course Duration: 25+ minutes

  • High-quality video and animation content
  • Highly-engaging training course
  • End of course assessment test
  • IIRSM approved certificates on completion of the course

End of Course Knowledge Test

The Hand Safety in Industry – What Everyone Needs to Know e-learning course has an assessment at the end, which appears when a delegate completes the whole course. The details are:

  • 100% online test, can be taken anywhere
  • The end-test consists of multiple-choice questions, randomly selected from the programme
  • Trainees are required to attain 80% of the marks to get a certificate


  • On passing the knowledge test, learners will be awarded IIRSM approved certificate in a downloadable form
  • If trainees fail the test they will be able to take it one more time without payment being required

Product Details

Study length25+ minutes
Approval bodyIIRSM - International Institute of Risk & Safety Management
Target AudienceAll Staff Members – Awareness Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentOnline Multiple Choice Test
CertificationOnline Certificate Issued Immediately on Course Completion

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