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IOSH Working Safely

Course Name: IOSH Working Safely

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Approximately 1 day

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IOSH safely

IOSH Working Safely

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IOSH Working safely course meets government guidelines for introductory health and safety training in the workplace. Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be awarded the Working Safely Certificate from IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health), the World’s largest health and safety membership organisation.

Target Audience

This IOSH working safely training course is suitable for people at all levels, and it meets the government’s guidelines for introductory health and safety training.

IOSH Working Safely aims to ensure that Learners understand the importance of risk management and know-how to make a difference to the health, safety, and well being of themselves and others in the workplace using a behavioural change approach.

Why IOSH Working Safely Works?

  • Designed for everybody working in any sector, worldwide
  • Offer knowledge and tools required for working safely
  • Peace of mind from the quality perspective of the course
  • Delivery flexibility that best suits your business
  • Internationally respected organisation and its certification
  • Effective learning of the health and safety basics covered in one course

Working Safely Online Training Course

The learning outcomes of the IOSH working safely online programme are:

  • Learners will understand why they need to work safely
  • Recognise why it is important to work safely?
  • Recognise the responsibilities of everyone concerning well-being and safety in the workplace
  • Identification of ways in which health and safety within the workplace should be managed and improved
  • Understanding of how industries affect the environment

IOSH Working Safely Online Course Benefits

Employee Benefits

  • Convenient – no travel or days out of the workplace, 100% online delivery
  • Flexible learning – Learners complete modules at their own pace
  • Easier study – interactive videos and virtual tutor to assist trainees.
  • Improved Awareness and understanding of why health, safety, and welfare in the workplace matters
  • Certification—Upon successful completion of the assessment test, the internationally recognised certificate will be awarded by IOSH

IOSH Working Safely Course

Business Advantages

  • IOSH (internationally recognised health & safety body) approve the course and assessment
  • IOSH issues certificate – guarantees quality training and delegate achievement
  • Enhanced productivity – fewer hours lost to sickness
  • Improved safety and health awareness culture within the organisation
  • Internationally recognised certification for the employees
  • Improved reputation within the supply chain

Improvement in Productivity and Profitability By:

  • The minimal occurrence of accidents and safety incidents in the workplace
  • Increase in workplace satisfaction through enhanced safety awareness within the whole organisation
  • Growth in reputation with customers and suppliers
  • Cost reduction that rises from avoidable legal fees and insurance claims

Working Safely e-Learning Training Course Materials

The course includes 4 theory subject modules as follows:

1. What is Working Safely?

This module highlights the principles of why working safely is important in workplaces and explains the importance of personal responsibility.

2. Defining Hazards and Risks

This section describes how to recognise risks in the workplace and a clear understanding of risk assessment applications.

3. Identifying Common Hazards

This module teaches how hazards arise and ways to prevent them.

4. Improving Safety Performance

The last module teaches how processes and systems should be put in place for improving safety performance.

Each above module includes an interactive e-Learning programme giving an overview of the subject. The E-learning programme also tests your knowledge as you progress – both within the programme and at the end.

IOSH Working Safely – Course Format

Format: 100% online that delegates can take on any of their Android or IOS device such as on any of their tablet, mobile, or desktop.

Course Duration: The course is approximately 1 day of learning with 6-8 hours of videos split into sessions, followed by an online assessment.

IOSH Working Safely – Assessment and Certification

End of the course theory test

After you have completed all 4 of the theory modules, you will unlock the end of course theory e-Learning test.
This is a multiple-choice test consisting of 20 questions, which you have 40 minutes to complete.
You must achieve a score of 20/33 to pass. If you do not meet this score the first time, you can re-sit the test one more time.

End of course spotting the hazard exercise

The second part of your end of course assessment is spotting the hazard exercise completed online and consists of 8 questions spotting hazards.
You must achieve a score of 10/16 to pass.
You have 2 weeks to complete this assessment from the time you passed your end of the course theory test.

IOSH Working Safely Certificate

Upon successful completion of both the theory and spotting the hazard assessments, your certificate will be claimed for by Human Focus directly from IOSH.
IOSH will issue the certificates within 28 days.

Product Details

Study lengthApproximately 1 day
Approval bodyIOSH - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
Target AudienceAll Staff Members – Intermediate Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentTheory Test
CertificationPaper Certificate Sent by Post Once Processed by IOSH

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