IOSH Working Safely

IOSH Working Safely training is designed for front line workers at any level, regardless of the sector they work in. The course provides a grounding in the fundamentals of health and safety.

Our Working Safely online training course comprises four modules which provide frontline workers with a thorough understanding of how health and safety works, and their role in its implementation.

The Course Includes:

Comprehensive yet concise explanation

Certificate on completion

Simple login & user access

The latest industry best practice

Learning Outcomes:

Identify why health and safety is essential

Understand the key terminology related to the subject

Learn how risk management systems work

Gain awareness of the types of hazards faced in the workplace

Learn the types of risk controls that may be implemented

Understand the employee’s role in implementing health and safety

This training course is approved by:

IOSH Working Safely

£85.00 +VAT


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1 - 5 £85.00
6 - 10 £75.00
11 - 20 £65.00
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About IOSH Working Safely

The employees who actually do the work day to day at the sharp end are integral to ensuring health and safety is implemented. If they are not onboard and providing you input, even the best system will fail.

This online health and safety training course provides a fundamental understanding of why all must be involved in implementing health and safety and how to do so.

Why Is IOSH Working Safely Training Course Important?

According to the latest statistics over 1.8 million workers are suffering from work-related ill health. With significant numbers due to mental health issues, musculoskeletal disorders and injuries due to accidents. This amounts to costs over 10 billion pounds.

Accidents, injuries and ill health at work have a significant human, social and economic cost negatively affecting workers, their families and organisations of all sizes. Every organisation has a legal, moral and financial responsibility to do its part in protecting its staff and anyone else that may be affected by operations.

Adequate training must be provided to all employees.

Course Outline

Four Modules

Approximately 4-6 Hours

This training course comprises the following modules:

  • Why Is Health and Safety so Important?
  • The Benefits of Working Safely
  • Responsibility for Health and Safety
  • Basic Terms
  • Main Hazard Categories
  • Risk Control Options
  • Aggression, Violence and Bullying
  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals & Harmful Substances
  • Computer Workstations
  • Electricity
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Fire
  • Manual Handling
  • Noise
  • Slips & Trips
  • Stress
  • Vehicles & Transport
  • Work Equipment
  • Work at Height
  • How Health & Safety Is Managed
  • How Is Performance Measured?
  • Responsibilities
  • Systems of Work
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • First Aid
  • Safety Signs
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Personal Hygiene

Why Choose IOSH Working Safely Training Course with Human Focus?

Study any time & in bite-size sessions

Less costly than a classroom training

Discounts on volume purchases

Excellent trainee support

Improve safety, performance and efficiency at work

Comply with regulatory and legal safety requirements

Provide ideal working practices to employees for a safer work environment

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IOSH Working Safely Certification

IOSH Working Safely Certification

End of Course Assessment

At the end of the course, users must complete an end of course assessment before earning their certification.

The end of course test is:

  • 100% online
  • Multiple choice

A score of 80% is required to pass the test.

Approved Certification

Upon successful completion, the trainee’s certificate will be claimed by Human Focus directly from IOSH.

IOSH will issue the certificate within 28 days.

What does my certificate include?

The IOSH Working Safely certificate includes Trainee’s name, Course name, Date of completion and name of the approval body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The IOSH Working Safely course is a training course that helps workforces understand their responsibilities in creating a safe and secure work environment. By completing the course, you’ll learn more about safe working practices in day-to-day operations and develop an appreciation of health and safety in the workplace. The course is online so you can learn easily at your own pace and is suitable for all workers, from entry-level employees to supervisors.

After completing the course successfully, you’ll be awarded with an IOSH Working Safely certificate. IOSH certificates demonstrate your workplace health and safety knowledge and are recognised by employers worldwide.

The IOSH Working Safely certificate doesn’t have an expiry date. However, graduates of any course are encouraged to regularly refresh their knowledge at least every three years to keep up-to-date with the most recent health and safety legislation and guidance. IOSH supports this advice and recommends refresher courses to ensure your knowledge and skills remain relevant.

Taking the IOSH Working Safely training course helps employers and their staff create safer, more productive workplaces.

The course provides numerous benefits to employers and workers, including:

  • Increased health & safety awareness: You’ll understand your health and safety obligations and recognise potential risks at work, leading to better safety procedures and a more secure workplace
  • Reduced risk of accidents & injuries: You can lower the risk of accidents and injuries at work by identifying and removing potential hazards
  • Compliance with health & safety law: The course discusses the relevant UK health and safety laws so you’re aware of your legal obligations
  • Safer work procedures: You’ll have a better understanding of safe working procedures for you and your colleagues and can help prevent workplace accidents or long-term health issues

This course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to working safely: Provides an overview of occupational health and safety, the benefits of working safely and the responsibilities of employers and their staff
  • Definition of hazard & risk: Explains essential terms like risk and hazard and the main hazard categories and risk control options
  • Identifying common workplace hazards: Discusses a range of workplace hazards, including manual handling, working at heights and electrical or fire hazards
  • Enhancing safety performance: Develops awareness of effective working practices that make workplaces safer
  • Legal obligations: Explores employees’ legal obligations as well as the relevant UK safety laws and legislation
  • Reviewing & evaluating: Explains how to review and evaluate workplace health and safety procedures to ensure their effectiveness

All of these topics will help you develop a thorough awareness of health and safety in the workplace, including the ability to recognise dangers, comply with all applicable laws and legislation and keep you and your colleagues safe.