Mental Health Awareness Training

Course Name: Mental Health Awareness

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30+ minutes course

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Mental Health Awareness

£25.00 +VAT

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1 - 14 £25.00
15 - 24 £22.00
25 - 34 £20.00
35 - 44 £18.00
45 - 59 £15.00
60 - 69 £14.00
70 - 89 £12.00
90 - 99 £10.00
100 - 200 £9.50

Positive mental health is essential to everyone. This mental health awareness training course explains the nature of mental health, what you can do to improve mental health, and how you can promote positive mental health at work.

Benefits of Mental Health Training

Trainees will get the following benefits through this mental health awareness online training course:

  • Educate learners about the nature of mental health
  • Train employees on how to maintain good mental health by adopting effective lifestyle steps
  • Educate trainees about the reasons behind the failure to maintain balanced mental health
  • Helps in encouraging positive mental health conditions in the workplace
  • Helps in keeping employees mentally healthy and better supported
  • Clear audio and attractive animations help in holding learners interest n the course
  • Course duration – 30+ minutes
  • Short and punchy content sections to deliver the message loud and clear
  • Scored end of the course test to assess the learning of trainees
  • CPD certified certificate for trainees who pass the course successfully

Mental Health Awareness Course Content

Trainees will be going to explore the following aspects regarding mental health in this course:

  • The size of mental health problems
  • The nature of mental health
  • Lifestyle steps to better mental health
  • Mind management skills for better mental health
  • What to do about worrying, anxiety, and depression
  • Urgent mental health problems to be aware of
  • Mental health stigma – why we might fail to tackle problems
  • Developing positive mental health in our organisation

Target Audience of the Mental Health Awareness Course

The mental health awareness training courses create basic awareness of Mental Health Problems. It is ideal for:

  • All Employees, working in any industrial environment, worldwide
  • All Managers, Supervisors, working in any industrial environment, worldwide
  • Anyone who wants awareness about mental health conditions

Why Your Organisation Benefits from Online Mental Health Courses?

This training programme will offer the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Improves the productivity of employees by helping them keep mentally fit and healthy
  • Helps create mental health awareness among employees
  • Meets Compliance- The LMS tracks record of each trainee, thus provides compliance evidence
  • Helps build a positive reputation for your organisation

Product Details

Study length30+ minutes
Approval bodyCPD - Continuing Professional Development
Target AudienceAll Staff Members – Intermediate Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentOnline Multiple Choice Test
CertificationOnline Certificate Issued Immediately on Course Completion

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