Banksman Training

Course Name: Banksman and Traffic Marshal Training

This course provides users with an awareness of the duties and responsibilities of a banksman. It looks at transport hazards, how these hazards are assessed and controlled. It also covers important signs and banksman signals all banksman must know.

The Course Includes:

Comprehensive yet concise explanation

Certificate on completion

Simple login & user access

The latest industry best practice

Learning Outcomes:

Gain awareness of what is a banksman in workplace transport supervision

Understand the necessity and importance of a banksman in workplace safety

Learn how a banksman helps in risk control for large vehicles

Understand the importance of a traffic marshal in traffic control

This training course is approved by:

Banksman and Traffic Marshall Training

£49.00 +VAT

Courses Price per Course
1 - 5 £49.00
6 - 10 £42.55
11 - 20 £38.68

About Banksman Training

Banksman, or traffic marshalls, helps direct large vehicles and guides them properly, especially when reversing, to present and avoid accidents and injuries. Banksmen help direct traffic in areas such as construction zones on a road.

It is a legal responsibility of the relevant duty holders to provide vehicle safety and risk control measures where site transport occurs, including on construction sites. If a public vehicle is passing through or near a construction zone, it must be made safe via a banksman and other safety procedures.

Why Is Banksman Training Important?

There are about 5,000 accidents involving workplace transport every year. About 50 of these are fatal, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Being struck by a moving vehicle accounts for around 19% of workplace deaths, with many more receiving injuries.

This banksman training course provide vital workplace transport safety information, which will support reducing the likelihood of fatal accidents and severe injuries occurring.

Course Outline

Single Module

45+ minutes

This course contains the following sections:

  • What Is a Banksman?
  • The Legal Background
  • Workplace Transport Hazards
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Controls: Vehicle Operation
  • Risk Controls: Reversing Vehicles
  • Risk Controls: Blind Spots
  • Risk Controls: Overhead Power Lines
  • Risk Controls: SSW
  • Preparing for Vehicle Manoeuvers
  • Manoeuvering
  • Signalling

Why Choose Banksman Training with Human Focus?

Study any time & in bite-size sessions

Less costly than a classroom training

Discounts on volume purchases

Excellent trainee support

Help reduce accidents and fatalities in construction projects

Ensure worker and public safety on sites

Maintain compliance with legal requirements

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Banksman and Traffic Marshall Training Certification

banksman and traffic marshall training certificate

End of Course Assessment

At the end of the course, users must complete an end of course assessment before earning their certification.

The end of course test is:

  • 100% online
  • Multiple choice

A score of 80% is required to pass the test.

Approved Certification

The downloadable printable certificate approved by IIRSM will be issued instantly on course completion.

What does my certificate include?

The banksman training certificate includes Trainee’s name, Company name, Course name, Date of completion, Expiry date and name of the approval body.

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