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This e-learning course provides health and safety guidance for cleaners regarding the safe handling and operation of vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaning is performed at least once a day in most workplaces. The cleaners who perform this task must be able to do so safely, not only for themselves but also for anyone in the vicinity. Safe vacuum cleaning includes area preparation, assembly and inspection of vacuum cleaning equipment, and of course operation of the vacuum cleaner itself.

This Human Focus vacuum cleaning online training ensures employers that they are protecting their staff, meeting legal duties, and protecting themselves from liability risk.

Why this Vacuum Cleaning Course is Vital

Malfunctioning or broken equipment can pose health and safety risks to cleaners at work. Floor cleaning errors are also sometimes responsible for slips and trip accidents, which are the most common reason for accidents and injuries at work. Other risks could include cuts, grazes, or other injuries if proper PPE is not used.

Employers have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of employees, as far as practically possible, according to the Health and Safety at Work 1974. They must also provide sufficient training to their employees to operate workplace equipment safely under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

Objectives of Vacuum Cleaning Training Course

The primary objective of this suction cleaning training programme is to educate the learners about vacuum cleaning and using the right equipment for the specific task. This course is also intended to teach the delegates about the safety checks of the machine before starting work and what are the vacuum cleaner safety checklist measures for working efficiently.


This course is designed for cleaners working at any level and has no prerequisite requirements.

Course Content of Vacuum Cleaning

This online training course explores:

  • Selection of Equipment and Risk Assessment of the Task Area
  • Getting Set Up
  • How to Safely Check Your Machine
  • Operation of Vacuum Cleaners
  • Disassembly of Equipment
  • Completing the Task

Who this Suction Cleaning Course is for?

This training programme is for the line managers, supervisors, employees, or anyone working in a cleaning industry to educate them about working safely with floor cleaning and to teach them the importance of safe vacuum cleaners.

Learning Outcomes of Vacuum Cleaning Training

Following are the key learning outcomes of vacuum cleaning training:
  • The learners will understand the equipment necessary for suction cleaning
  • Understand the risk assessment and method statement for the specific cleaning task
  • The importance of warning signs, and using the appropriate PPE for a specific task
  • Learn the practical ways of getting started with the vacuum cleaning
  • Understand the process of checking the machine before use and finishing the task

Benefits of the Vacuum Cleaning Online Course

The benefits of this course for employers and employees are listed below.

Employer Benefits

  • Compliant with health and safety legislation
  • Prevents occupational accidents and injuries to cleaners and other employees
  • Improves safety awareness within the organization

Employee Benefits

  • Cleaners learn how to safely choose, inspect, operate, and store vacuum cleaning equipment
  • Trainees are prepared to safely fulfill their duties
  • RoSPA certificate issued upon successful completion of the course

Why Choose Human Focus for Vacuum Cleaning Training Programme?

The Human Focus training course for vacuum cleaning has the following features:

  • RoSPA assured training content and certification
  • Full compliance with health and safety at work regulations
  • High-quality video and animation with clear voiceover
  • Short, informative, and interactive content
  • Mini interactive quizzes at the end of each section to support learning

Course Format

  • 100% online course
  • Allows immediate start right after the registration on any electronic device
  • 15+ minutes in length
  • Interactive quizzes


RoSPA assured certificate issued by Human Focus upon completion of training course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-use inspection on a vacuum cleaner?

Every time a vacuum cleaner is operated it is essential that you conduct a pre-use inspection before work. The goal of a pre-use inspection is to identify any obvious faults.

A pre-use inspection should include checking:

  • Entire cable
  • Plug
  • Floor tool
  • Casing
  • Wheels
  • Inside the vacuum
  • Vacuum bag
  • Operation of the vacuum

Do vacuum cleaners require portable appliance testing?

Portable appliance testing, often called PAT testing, is recommended in the Institute of Engineering and Technology Code of Practice for all portable appliances. According to this guidance, all appliances such as vacuum cleaners should be subject to regular inspection and testing. However, the Code of Practice, and PAT testing, is not law.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 require that all employers ensure that electrical equipment is of a suitable and safe standard. This can be conducted via risk assessment. However, conducting regular PAT tests is considered best practice and will ensure adherence to the law.

How often should vacuum cleaners be emptied, and how often should their filters be cleaned?

The dust box of a vacuum cleaner should be emptied when it is two-thirds full. Filters should be cleaned twice per week and washed once per month to ensure effective performance.

Whenever cleaning or maintaining a vacuum cleaner always follow the manufacturer’s guidance. This is often available from download online directly from the manufacturer. If you do not have the paperwork, a simple internet search for the model and brand of your vacuum should be able to find them.

Product Details

Study length15+ minutes
Approval bodyRoSPA assured
Target audienceAll the cleaning staff – awareness
FormatOne interactive module with an end of course test
AssessmentOnline multiple-choice test
CertificationOnline certificate issued immediately on course completion

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