Cleaning Toilet and Washroom Facilities

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Restroom Maintenance Training Course

This cleaning toilets and washroom facilities online course gives participants information and techniques for properly handling the cleaning of these facilities. Toilet and washroom facilities are among the most-used facilities in the workplace, and those who clean them should be aware of the associated health and safety issues.

Employers and those who supervise cleaners have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of all employees. This course supports meeting these duties, including ensuring toilets and washrooms are cleaned in a way that protects the health and safety of cleaners and anyone who uses the facilities.

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Why this Washroom Facilities Course is Vital

When it comes to washroom facilities at work or public services, quality cleaning is a major concern for clients and the general public. Complaints about toilets often center on whether or how often they have been cleaned. Putting into place a standard operating procedure for cleaning toilets can ensure quality cleaning.

Following standard procedures in sanitising toilets and washroom facilities and using the right equipment in the right way will protect this work environment. It will also ensure employers are meeting their legal duties and protecting against costly accidents, ill health, and claims.

Objectives of Cleaning Toilets and Restroom Maintenance Training Course

This online training course teaches cleaning professionals how to efficiently, safely, and effectively use best practices when cleaning toilets and washroom facilities. Participants will receive training and information about equipment, materials, procedures, precautions, and organisation.


This cleaning toilets and washroom facilities course require:
  • No prior subject knowledge
  • No course certification requirement

Course Content

Cleaning Toilet & Washroom Facilities

This online course explores the following sections:
  • What Equipment is Needed for Cleaning Toilets
  • Getting Setup for Work
  • Spraying
  • Applying Limescale Remover
  • Wiping Down the Washroom
  • Cleaning the Toilet
  • Waste and Tidying
  • Sweeping and Mopping
  • Finishing Up

Who is this Restroom Maintenance Course for

This health and safety online training course is for anyone working in the cleaning industry, including:

  • Experienced cleaners
  • New hires
  • Front-line managers

Learning Outcomes of Cleaning Toilets Training Course

Trainees undertaking this course will gain an understanding of how to:

  • Identify equipment appropriate for cleaning toilets
  • Apply the risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) to cleaning toilets and washroom facilities
  • Correctly place appropriate warning signs
  • Use cleaning chemicals safely
  • Apply best practices and procedures when cleaning and finishing cleaning

Why Choose Human Focus for Cleaning Toilets & Washroom Facilities Course?

Choosing Human Focus provides the following benefits to the trainees:

  • RoSPA assured training content and certification
  • Supports meeting legal duties
  • High-quality video and animation with clear voiceover
  • Short yet informative content
  • Mini quizzes to support retention

Course Format

  • 100% online
  • Allows immediate start following registration on any device
  • Approximately 30+ minutes in length
  • End of course knowledge test


RoSPA assured certificate issued by Human Focus upon completion of training course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What welfare facilities must employers provide?

Employers must provide running water and flushing toilets to their workers. Employers should not assume that employees can use nearby public toilets, and must provide access to appropriate facilities. If there is no running water or proper plumbing, employers must consider providing chemical toilets.

Employers must also provide drinking water, a place to store and change clothing if special clothing is required for work, and somewhere to rest and eat meals.

How can businesses ensure that their washroom facilities meet all the legal requirements?

The Workplace Health Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 regulates washroom and toilet facilities. Regulations include maintaining facilities in “a clean and orderly condition”. They must be well ventilated and lit. They should have running hot and cold or warm water, as well as soap and clean towels, or other means of drying.

If required based on the type of work, showers will also be necessary. Women and men should have separate facilities unless each facility is in a separate room with a lockable door.

What are general precautions to take when cleaning a washroom facility?

Cleaners should take care to use the correct PPE, including masks, gloves, and goggles. Signs should be placed to alert others that the washroom is being cleaned. Cleaners should use efficient and effective procedures when cleaning and should use chemical cleaning products appropriate for the job.

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