Light Commercial Vehicle Inspection Training

Course Name: Vehicle Inspection – Light Commercial

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Vehicle Inspection – Light Goods Vehicle

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According to the Road Traffic Act 1991, a driver or organisation will be charged as guilty if a driven vehicle presents an injury risk to any human life person. This course comes with a free e-checklist, which takes users step-by-step through the vehicle inspection process, while ensuring it is recorded.

The light vehicle inspection training course will help demonstrate to an organisation and its drivers how to perform daily vehicle inspections. The training will also help meet legal compliance and improve vehicle safety and maintenance performance.

Objectives of Vehicle Safety Check Training

  • To create awareness about the legal duties regarding vehicle inspections
  • To assist vehicle operators to competently perform inspections of a vehicle and it’s contents
  • To improve safety of both the driver of the vehicle and other road users

Light Vehicle Inspection Training- Course Content

The trainees will be able to explore the following topics while going through this online course:

  • The law and DVSA importance
  • Vehicle roadworthiness
  • Practical tips & measures to ensure vehicle safety
  • Safety measures for the front of the vehicle
  • Observing safety under the bonnet
  • Sides of vehicle, their importance & maintenance
  • Inspecting the rear of the vehicle
  • Reviewing seats and seat belts

Target Audience of Vehicle Safety Inspection

This commercial vehicle inspection e-Learning training is beneficial for all light commercial vehicle:

  • Drivers
  • Operating Companies

Light Commercial Vehicles Include:

  • Vans
  • Flat trucks
  • Bed trucks

As a driver, one can be stopped and inspected by a police officer or a Vehicle Standards Agency inspector for vehicle inspection.

A DVSA examiner will observe the following aspects in vehicle during the inspection:

  • Vehicle Condition – its accessories or equipment
  • Purpose for which it is being used 
  • Number of passengers being carried and how they are carried
  • Weight, or distribution of its load, or how the load is secured

Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Inspection Training

Employee Benefits

  • Educates learners on how to perform and complete daily vehicle inspections themselves
  • Help drivers to protect themselves from serious vehicle problems like a breakdown or even a crash on the road
  • An interactive course that offers engaging content and helps test one’s memory
  • Mobile-enabled online course i.e. it can be taken anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited attempts – the trainees can retake it whenever they deem fit during their annual subscription (12 months from purchase period)
  • Full training records for compliance – e.g., date, time, the record of the end test, etc.
  • IIRSM approved certificate upon successful completion of the training course

Organisational Benefits

The trainees and their organisation will get the following benefits:

  • Minimalised training cost – Avoid the training cost, traveling time, and time away from work required to reach the training event
  • Improved compliance – The LMS automatically tracks training completion for each trainee and offers compliance proof
  • Time efficiency – This e-Learning training is unlike classroom training! Instead, it is readily available to all trainees anytime, anywhere
  • Legal protection –The trainee and their company will be legally protected from any prosecution, notices, and penalties. This will ensure the safety of their lives and those around them

Course Format of Light Vehicle Inspection Checklist

  • Course Format: Online eLearning – can be taken on any mobile or desktop computer
  • Estimated training time: 25+ minutes
  • IIRSM approved course
  • High-quality video and animations
  • End of the course knowledge test

Knowledge Test

The light vehicle inspection training has a short knowledge test at the end of the training course. The test appears when the trainee completes all the sections of the online course. The main aim of the knowledge test is to assess the trainee’s learning from the course.

  • The Human Focus test system is completely online. The employees don’t need to visit training centres
  • The test consists of only multiple-choice questions
  • A trainee must score at least 80% in the test to pass the course

Vehicle Inspection Training Course Certificate

The trainee immediately gets the IIRAM approved certificate in a downloadable PDF format, on passing the end test.The certificate has a unique reference number on it that demonstrates its authenticity.However, if a trainee fails to score at least 80%, they can re-attempt the test without paying an extra amount within his subscription period.

Background Statistics Regarding Light Vehicle Inspection

In the UK, commercial vehicles account for only 1.7% of all vehicles but involve nearly 1 in 5 i.e., 18% road accidents.Every year, around 70 people are killed, and approximately 2000 gets injured in accidents that involve vehicles in and around workplaces. The causes behind a significant number of these accidents are as follows:

  • Vehicle turning over
  • People falling from overloaded vehicles
  • People hit by loads or objects falling from vehicles

To minimise the road risks and death cases, any type of occupational vehicle can be stopped by the police officer or a DVSA inspector to perform a vehicle inspection.If the inspection shows that an organisation’s vehicle is unsafe, both (the driver and the organisation) will need to face prohibition, fines, or even prosecutions.

Under the Road Traffic Act 1991, the driver must ensure that the vehicle being used is:

  • Roadworthy and in good condition
  • Loads are restrained, securely
  • Kept within its intended limits, and not overloaded

There are defined legal prosecutions and penalties, if the inspection results in any risk to human life.

This light vehicle inspection training helps drivers to undertake daily vehicle inspection to save organisation from legal prosecutions and minimising a risk of injury to any human life.

Product Details

Study length25+ minutes
Approval bodyIIRSM - International Institute of Risk & Safety Management
Target AudienceAll Staff Members – Awareness Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentOnline Multiple Choice Test
CertificationOnline Certificate Issued Immediately On Course Completion

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