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Human Focus is currently offering the following e-learning courses under the home work toolkit:

Working From Home Training

20+ minutes course
Aimed at all Staff Members – Awareness Level

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CPD Certified

Online Work from Home

Home work offers numerous benefits for many people, including work-time flexibility,  plus reduced costs and environmental impact through reduced travel. However, working from home comes with challenges as well and employers must ensure that the working environment of their employees is safe to work in.

The working from home courses helps employees in setting up a work station in various scenarios so that they can work comfortably and reduce or cut out distractions permanently.

Working from Home

Online working is steadily on the rise in recent years, but the current coronavirus outbreak has seen a rapid increase in this trend. Many employees who were working from the office or on-site are now forced to work from home. Many companies have had to create online work from home procedures quickly. While for some industrial sectors, such as transportation, retail, and construction, home work isn’t an option for others, such as information and communication, finance, and real estate activities, it is becoming the norm. This increases the need to create awareness among employees to ensure health and safety compliance whilst working remotely.

How Many People are Working from Home?

According to the Health and Safety Executive, 1.7 million people are working remotely to perform their job duties.  Moreover, an estimate of around 8.7 million people said they work from home at some point. In 2015, 4.3% of employees worked from home. This figure grew to 5.1% in 2019 and the coronavirus pandemic suggests a long-term change in home working attitudes in the coming years. Hence, it is essential to provide working from home courses and tips to employees for safe and comfortable working in the long term.

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Home Work – Legal Responsibilities

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers are bound to ensure employees’ health and safety as much as possible. The law states:

It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety, and welfare at work of all his employees.

It is important to realise that a business is responsible for protecting employees from health risks, whether they are home-based or office-based.

Moreover, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require employers to carry out risk assessments irrespective of the place of work. The employer has to identify and control possible health risks to employees who are performing work from home jobs.

It is the employer’s duty to educate their employees about safe home working practices, thus achieving maximum work productivity without compromising their health. However, employees are also bound to follow the regulations and these working from home tips, will help them to perform their jobs safely and comfortably.

Human Focus’s online training courses to work from home can help employers meet their legal duties and responsibilities to protect their remote workers’ safety and health. The details of the courses are mentioned below.


Home working training requires:

  • No previous domain knowledge
  • No course certification

Aims of Work from Home Courses

The training aims to create awareness among employees of any home office environment about setting up a work station to comfortably perform job duties, cut off distractions, and minimise health and safety risks.

Learning Outcomes of Online Home Work Training Courses

The learning outcomes of the programme offered under this toolkit are listed below.

Home working – Setting Up Your Office To Work Comfortably

At the end of the course, delegates will learn:

  • How to set up a work station at home to achieve maximum productivity
  • Tips for selecting a work area at home that is free from distractions
  • Best ergonomic posture basics to reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders
  • How to avoid bad lighting conditions that cause eye strain and fatigue whilst working

Why Choose Human Focus for Work from Home Courses?

Choosing Human Focus offers the following benefits to the trainees:

  • Course content fully complies with Health and Safety legislation
  • Content is designed by industry-leading experts
  • Complex subject knowledge is made easier with the help of rich media content
  • Offers quick and easy learning experience with the help of interactive scenarios and illustrations
  • Fully online course- you do not need to visit classrooms
  • LMS keeps a record of how much the trainee has progressed with the course. Thus trainee can take the course at his own pace

End of Course Test & Certification

The home working training course ends at an assessment test which is accessed once the employee passes all sections of the course. The test comprises 8 random questions related to the topics taught in the course. The trainee needs to achieve at least 80% in the assessment test to pass the test. If trainees fail to pass the test, they get the chance to reattempt the test or retake the course.

On passing, the employee immediately gets the CPD certified certificate in PDF format, which is downloadable at any time. The certificate carries the following information:

  • Name of the trainee
  • Name of the course
  • The completion date of the course
  • The expiry date of the certificate

The validity period of this CPD certified certificate is 3 years. After this time, the trainee can refresh their knowledge by re-taking the course (at extra cost).

All information related to e-certificates, course progress, and results is stored in the Human Focus LMS (Learning management system). The information is accessible all the time to check or set any information data as per requirement.  The LMS information also acts as compliance proof for companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the health and safety, and compliance considerations different for homeworkers?

Some extra health and safety compliance considerations may be applicable to home working.  Home workers will still face risks related to general health and safety, DSE, and Cyber Security, but there may be other health risks present than these risks.  There might be new risks and hazards whilst performing job work duties from home therefore employers should perform a risk assessment to figure out the possible risks to home workers and then plan the safety procedure accordingly.

Who is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of homeworkers?

According to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, employers are responsible for protecting employees’ health, safety, and welfare. These laws apply to home workers as well. Employers need to carry out a risk assessment of home workers’ work activities and take appropriate measures to minimise the risks as far as practically possible.

How can Human Focus help employers to ensure safe home working practices for employees?

Human Focus has 28+ years of experience in offering e-learning courses. Its home working online training can help employers to educate home workers about safe working practices at home, thus, ensuring a high level of working from home productivity and minimising potential health risks to employees. It offers a cost-effective and time-saving way of bringing home workers performing their job duties with speed, cutting off all possible distractions.

What are the health benefits of working from home?

Working from home eliminates the need for commuting which can cause mental stress issues and eat up a lot of time for many people. Extra time available to employees from not having to travel to work can help improve work-life balance and get provide the opportunity to spend more time with family which in turn can release stress and improves productivity.

What are the financial benefits of working from home?

There are numerous financial benefits whilst working from home. The employer can save money on office space, office supplies, and other facilities being offered to employees in offices. Similarly, employees can save the money they spend on travelling and lunch.

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