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A data breach is when sensitive data is copied or accessed by an unauthorised person. It may involve a loss of data or the use of data for malicious purposes.

Data breaches are, unfortunately, widespread. An unauthorised loss of data has hit roughly 1 in 4 companies in 2017. So, it’s a huge and growing problem for all kinds of organisations and businesses.

If your organisation do not comply with GDPR, then there‘s a significant risk to your business including potentially heavy fines, loss of business and legal claims. Here’s what GDPR training for employees plays a vital role.

This GDPR online training course will explore GDPR and help you to comply with the regulations

GDPR Awareness and Data Security Training Course

Human Focus is currently offering the following online training courses regarding data security:

Learning Outcomes of GDPR Awareness Training

The learning outcomes of this data security training are as follows:

  • Reasons behind data breaches
  • Roles and responsibilities of employees to prevent the happening of these data breaches
  • Awareness of various social, physical, and software threats
  • Security measures against threats

GDPR Training Course Online- Intended audience

  • The GDPR training is specially designed for all Employees, Supervisors,  and Managers, of any sector, working with personal data.


This GDPR training course is ideal for the employees with:

  • No Prior Knowledge Requirement
  • No Prior Course Requirement

Why Choose Human Focus for GDPR Training Courses?

  • The training content is designed by industry-leading experts
  • Rich media content exercises are designed to make complex subject knowledge easier
  • Exercises are interactive using interactive scenarios and illustrations for quick learning
  • GDPR training courses are 100% online- no travelling required, thus saving money
  • Accessible via computer or mobile application- Available 24/7
  • The GDPR online training course comes with a CPD-Approved Certificate upon successful completion.

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