Coronavirus Infection Control

Coronavirus Infection Control In The Workplace

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to be with us for some considerable time to come.

Implementing effective infection controls in the workplace is key to keeping you, your family, colleagues, and society safe.
Moreover, it is also an urgent legal requirement.

The HSE has issued coronavirus advice for employers. Business owners must ensure that employees follow government guidelines on safety precautions against the coronavirus including social distancing.

The HSE has also said that it will take enforcement action against any employer who fails to follow these government guidelines in their workplaces.

Hence, this coronavirus safety in your workplace training programme is made to explore infection control measures to protect you and your colleagues, plus your role in ensuring they are effective.

Learning Outcomes of Coronavirus Awareness Course

This eLearning training offers the following benefits:

  • Educates employees about the protective measures on coronavirus in workplaces
  • Educates employees about the coronavirus infection control principles
  • Helps employees for keeping them safe from coronavirus in the workplace
  • This COVID-19 training course also educates employees about procedures following a post- suspected case of infection

Coronavirus Safety Courses offered by Human Focus

Human Focus is offering the following coronavirus safety courses targeting different industrial environments.

Target Audience of Coronavirus Online Course

This online course is ideally designed to assist:

  • All Employees working in any industrial environment
  • All Employees working in any construction industry
  • All Employees working in any office environment

Any Prerequisites?

This training programme on safety precautions against the coronavirus need:

  • No Prior Domain Knowledge
  • No Certification Required

Why your organisation needs this Awareness Course on Coronavirus Office Safety Precautions?

The HSE has stated that employers and employees should follow government guidelines on safety precautions against the coronavirus.

This coronavirus awareness​ course will help to:
Implement your organisation’s coronavirus safety plan
Build confidence that employees can be safe at work by following guidance
Meet compliance – training records stored and tracked

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace