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Defibrillator Training

Course Name: AED – Defibrillator Awareness

Course Duration: 15+ minutes

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AED – Defibrillator Awareness

£25.00 +VAT

Courses Price per Course
1 - 10 £25.00
11 - 25 £22.00
26 - 50 £18.00
51 - 100 £12.00
101 - 200 £9.50

Automated External Defibrillators, or AEDs, are life-saving devices that use electric shocks to return a heart in cardiac arrest to a normal rhythm. Whilst AEDs are relatively easy to use, having an understanding of how they work can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.

This AED defibrillator training provides an understanding of what AEDs are, how to set them up and use them alongside CPR.

Defibrillator Course Outline

AED – Defibrillator Awareness

This AED defibrillator training comprises of following sections:

  • What is an AED?
  • Emergency Response
  • How to use an AED?

Learning Outcomes of Defibrillator Training Online

The trainees will gain an awareness of:

  • The importance of AEDs
  • The prime functions of AEDs
  • How to use the AEDs in an emergency

Why This Defibrillator Training is Vital

Every year, around 100,000 people die of sudden cardiac arrest in the UK. Out of these, only 1 in 10 people live to be discharged from the hospital.  This makes cardiac arrest one of the country’s biggest killers.

When such cardiac arrests happen, CPR used with AEDs provide the victim the best chance of survival. And have been shown to increase survival rates from 6% to 75%.

Benefits of the First Aid and Defibrillator Training

  • Helps employees to respond decisively in an emergency
  • Allows employers to meet the latest HSE guidance
  • Helps employees to feel safe at work
  • Decreases injury recovery time
  • Earns a good reputation in the global market for the hands-on approach to corporate responsibility
  • Earns international accreditation for employees

Course Details

Study length15+ minutes
Approval bodyRoSPA Assured
Target AudienceGeneral public – Awareness Level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentOnline Multiple Choice Test
CertificationOnline Certificate Issued Immediately On Course Completion
Certification Validity Duration 3 Years

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