Steam Boiler Water Treatment Training

Course Duration: Approximately 1 hour

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Steam Boiler Water Treatment

£250.00 +VAT


Courses Price per Course
1 - 5 £250.00
6 - 10 £225.00
11 - 20 £200.00

This online boiler water treatment course teaches why it is essential to treat water within the steam system. It educates about steam water treatment HSE Guidance and best practices.   Moreover, it also highlights the consequences of poor water treatment control and water treatment principles.

Deep Water Blue Ltd., in partnership with Human Focus, has launched the UK’s first online Boiler Water Treatment course. “Boiler Water Treatment guidance for shell boilers, coil boilers, steam generators, and hot water boilers,” published by ICOM Energy Association and The Combustion Engineering Association (CEA).

This boiler systems training course is approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The delegates will get the certificates (by RSC) on passing the course successfully.


Important Note: This is an online awareness course. It does not contain any element that makes you competent to perform practical testing with steam boilers.  If you wish to work on the steam system or water treatment plant, you must be competent, having the required education, training, and experience.
This course does not make you skilled enough to work on any steam system or steam boilers.

Benefits of Boiler Systems Training Course

  • The course educates on the need for water treatments within the steam systems
  • It teaches about the possible consequences of poor water treatment controls
  • Highlights the importance of daily water treatment monitoring
  • The course offers effective eLearning- The learner can take the course at his own pace
  • It provides quick learning by offering content in the visual and audio format
  • Interactive quizzes help in developing delegate interest in the course
  • The mobile app allows this course to be available to everyone; anytime, anywhere

Internationally recognised Royal Society of Chemistry certification for those delegates who pass this steam boiler water treatment course successfully

Steam Boiler Water Treatment Training Course Content

The course covers the following topics and provides essential awareness training in boiler water treatment:

  • Module 1- Your Steam System
  • Module 2- Why Do We Need Water Treatment in Our Steam System
  • Module 3- Water Pre-treatment
  • Module 4- Internal Water Treatment
  • Module 5- Condensate Water & Treatment
  • Module 6- The Importance of Water Treatment Testing & Management
  • Module 7- Practical Case Studies
  • Module 8- Steam Water Treatment HSE Guidance & Best Practice
  • The Deep Water Blue Service Package

Steam Boiler Water Treatment Awareness Course Target Audience

This course is ideally designed for:

  • All industrial workers who are responsible for the operation and management of boiler water treatments and steam system controls

The course offers vital knowledge related to Steam Boiler Water Treatment guidance for:

  • Shell Boilers, Coil Boilers, Steam Generators, and Hot Water Boilers

Organisational Benefits of this Boiler Water Treatment Training

This e-Learning training course will help your organisation to:

  • Cut Training Cost
    Avoid paying high fees to expert trainers, time away from work and travelling expense to reach the classroom training
  • Meet Compliance
    The eLearning system maintains training completion for each trainee, thus provides compliance evidence
  • Saves Time
    This water treatment for boiler plants is unlike classroom training. It is readily available to everyone anytime, anywhere
  • Builds Reputation
    Organisation can achieve an excellent reputation within the global market by introducing health and safety awareness culture


Product Details

Study length Approximately 1 hour
Approval bodyRSC approved
Target audienceAll workers responsible for operation & management of boiler water treatments
FormatOne interactive module with an end of course test
AssessmentOnline multiple-choice test
CertificationOnline certificate issued immediately on course completion
Certification validity duration3 years

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