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Communication Skills Training

Effective communication is a fundamental aspect in the success of business, organisation and individuals. The ability to communicate in a compelling manner is critical.

This communication skills training educates employees on how to build constructive relationships with people at work. It helps in improving listening, speaking skills and teaches how to act effectively at different workplaces.

Everyone communicates every day, but do our messages get across clearly? According to a study, words only make up 7% of the overall message being conveyed. Tone, pitch and body language are the main factors in making your words effective.

Communication Skills Training Courses

Human Focus is currently offering the following e-learning courses:

Effective Communication Principles in Industry

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Effective Communication Principles in Offices

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Learning Outcomes of Communication Skills Online Training

By the end of the course, delegates will learn:

  • The importance of effective communication in different scenarios
  • How to send clear, concise messages
  • How to hear and understand messages sent by anyone
  • How to build constructive relationships with people at work by compelling communication

Target Audience of CPD certified Communication Skills Training

These e-Learning courses are made for:

  • All Employees, working in any environment, globally
  • All Managers and Supervisors working in any environment, worldwide
  • Anyone who wants to develop fundamental business communication skills

Any Prerequisites?

This business communication course requires:

  • No Prior Knowledge
  • No Certification Requirement

This is an awareness e-Learning course that will develop communication skills in a way that will help delegates become more effective communicators in all aspects of life.

What are the organisational benefits of communication skills training?

  •  Cuts Cost of Training
    Reduces the cost of trainers, travelling costs to reach classrooms and time away from work
  •     Improves Compliance
    e-Learning system tracks training progress of each trainee, providing evidence of compliance
  •     Saves Time
    This effective communication course is unlike classroom training, readily available to everyone, anytime and anywhere
  •     Builds Reputation
    Helps in building integrity and an excellent reputation within the global market
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