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What Level Qualification is IOSH Managing Safely


IOSH Managing Safely is a basic risk management health and safety certificate which ensures that managers can take practical actions to protect the health and safety of their teams. It is a leading management qualification that enables organisations to demonstrate their commitment to health and safety standards while improving their performance and reputation.

However, many who are considering IOSH Managing Safely are unsure about what sort of qualification it is. Qualifications in the UK range in size and type, can be academic, vocational or skills-related, and are grouped together into different levels of difficulty.

In this article, we will go into detail about the level of qualification IOSH Managing Safety (MS) holds, the entry requirements, and how to find a good learning provider for this course.

IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safely is designed to meet the needs of managers and supervisors from any type or size of organisation. Compliance with both company safety policies and legislation is important, and this course works to enable managers to better do so.

IOSH training courses combine up-to-date theory and practice to provide workers at all levels within an organisation with the information they need. Earning an IOSH qualification will allow the holder to help ensure that the health and safety practices in their workplace are current, effective and well managed.

What is IOSH Managing Safely Equivalent To?

IOSH Managing Safely is broadly equivalent to a level 2 qualification. Essentially, it’s GCSE level at grade A*, A, B, or C that counts as intermediate education or apprenticeships by most international standards.

A level 2 qualification demonstrates the person has:

  • Good knowledge and understanding of a subject
  • Ability to do a variety of tasks with some guidance or supervision
  • Suitable for many job roles

Academically, there is no comparison between the two, however, IOSH Managing Safely qualification holds more weight with employers than with most GCSE’s available today.

A campus based course may earn 21 CPD points, the more convenient and economic online course generally has 10 points minimum.

IOSH Managing Safely Course Entry Requirements

IOSH Managing Safely takes three to four days, an exam, and a practical project to complete. If you pass successfully, you leave with a diploma on hazard prevention and risk assessment.

You don’t need prior health and safety qualifications, grades or years of experience to join either Working Safely or Managing Safely as these courses are open to everyone.

IOSH Managing Safely is widely accepted as a robust managerial qualification that helps demonstrate competence and responsibility in health and safety.

How IOSH Membership Can Benefit You?

Many health and safety job roles in the UK require accreditation from a health and safety membership body.

Employers generally prefer candidates who maintain professional competency with industry verticals. The course provides an edge to candidates by connecting them to a network that helps them find mentorship and advice.

What's Covered in IOSH Managing Safely?

At a headline level, IOSH MS training course is divided into two units – one theoretical and one practical.

The theoretic unit focuses on essential principles of managing health and safety on a day-to-day basis, and is divided into 7 modules. These modules are:

The practical module allows you to put your new skills into practice by undertaking a basic workplace risk assessment.

How to Find a Good Iosh MS Provider?

Here are some key things to consider that define a good health and safety courses provider for IOSH Managing Safely.

Versatile Content

When searching for a course provider you must ensure that your academic needs are sufficiently looked after through the learning systems and the facilities they provide. Human Focus’s IOSH MS helps you learn the course through high quality video lectures, 3D CGI demonstrations, interactive content, multiple quizzes and end of course assessment test to evaluate the knowledge you have gained through this course.

E-Learning Option

Choosing e-learning for IOSH MS has great benefits due to the flexibility of the course delivery. This option is particularly beneficial if you cannot take off from work and attend classroom sessions. The only requirement for e-learning is a stable internet connection and a computer or mobile device. With Human Focus you can easily attend this course through your smartphone device. Our course content is comprised of practical and innovative course material and notes that be accessed on the go.

Risk Assessment Tools

Health and safety learning providers also offer risk assessment tools that reduce hassle and cost of completing mandatory inspections, audits and risk assessments. Therefore, it is vital to select one that has provides additional tools to assist in your duties as a health and safety officer. The Human Focus e-checklist system has been designed specifically to make the implementation of health and safety easy and comprehensive, while minimising human error.

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