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Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits

Online health and safety training shouldn’t just be about compliance

By law organisations must identify and reduce risks as far as reasonably practicable, and they must provide their employees with the health and safety training needed to stay safe. But what was intended to protect lives, all too often, has become about only about compliance - an exercise in box-ticking.

The result is training that leaves employees disengaged and bored, and organisational leaders that are okay with that.
But Health and safety certification courses that leave employees disengaged, lead to disengagement on the shop floor, resulting in injuries to the employees, costly damaged property and damage to the organisation itself, or worse.


Health and safety online training that really works

We are passionate about providing innovative digital training solutions that support on-the-job performance improvements, whilst helping to keep people safe. Our extensive catalogue of online health and safety courses provide the fundamental tools and knowledge to control the risks your workers face, whilst our online health and safety training system uses cutting-edge behavioural change technology to allow trainers and staff to create active and engaging opportunities for on-the-job instruction.

Our software as a service is practical and easy to use, allowing employees to log training data, record videos of actual implementation of safe practices on site and provide feedback to support the learning process. At the same, the platform operates as an effective tool for tracking the progress of your workforce to spot problems, and also maintain a record of compliance.

Imagine a situation where line managers are instantly transformed into enthusiastic champions of your objectives because they see that your training is helping them to get the job done safely. What a sense of a job well done that would be! So, our mission is to save lives by building skills and implementing performance-enhancing habits in the workplace.

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Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace