Hazardous Substances


Hazardous Substances Online Training

Hazardous substances can have several different effects. Some are local, directly at the point of contact, and usually, you are quite familiar with the impact.

But some substances are more insidious, producing remote effects over long periods of time.

COSHH health and safety regulations are designed to help you deal with hazardous substances. They state that everyone must receive training in their role and responsibilities to ensure that hazardous substances are handled safely.

COSHH training courses educate you on how to safely work with hazardous substances in industrial environments and the roles of personal protective equipment for safety and protection. Moreover, these courses provide you the fundamentals of how you can fulfil COSHH obligations.

COSHH Training Courses Offered by Human Focus

Human Focus is currently offering the following online training courses under this toolkit:

COSHH Training Learning Outcomes

  • Different Types of Hazardous Substances at Work
  • Understanding of COSHH Principles
  • Roles of PPE for the Protection of Body and Respiratory System
  • Safe Handling of Chemicals in the Workplace
  • Different PPE Obstacles
  • PPE Usage Tips
  • PPE Role and Employee Responsibilities

Target Audience of COSHH Online Training Course

These COSHH awareness courses are specially designed for everyone who has to deal with hazardous substances during their daily work activities. For example:

  • Factory workers
  • Cooks, Bakers, Caterers
  • Maintenance and Mechanical Workers
  • Painters, Decorators
  • Welders
  • Construction companies’ workers
  • Tradesmen
  • Cleaners

Prerequisites of COSHH Training Online

  • No Prior Knowledge Requirement
  • No Prior Course completion Requirement

Why Choose Human Focus for Hazardous Substances at Work Training?

  • This safe handling of hazardous substances training is designed by industry experts
  • Intricate subject knowledge is made easier with the help of rich media content exercises
  • Interactive scenarios and illustrations are used in exercises for quick learning
  • 100% e-learning- course can be taken from anywhere and at any time-accessible 24/7
  • RoSPA assured certificate, upon successful passing the training programme

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace