content builder

Human Focus’ self-authoring content builder enables you to convert your own training materials and documentation into e-Learning content & e-Checklists quickly and easily.

Our content specialists are readily available to show you how it’s done. It only takes a few minutes to start turning your own resources and to powerful digital tools.

What’s the cost?

For a low-cost annual fee, you can upload as much content as you want and create an unlimited number of online training courses and e-checklistsContact us for details!

How does Content Builder Work?

Content Builder is simple to use. If you have training materials or documents in PowerPoint, PDF, or MP4 video you are pretty much ready to go. Otherwise, we can assist you in converting them. . Once your materials are ready, they can be published onto our system and be instantly made available to your workforce.


You can assign access to items via desktop or dedicated mobile app, then monitor and track compliance with the help of a powerful online training matrix.  

Benefits of Human Focus Content Builder Module

  • Boosts compliance
  • Raises safety standards
  • Supports task-specific training
  • Enhances learning from accidents
  • Captures critical operational knowledge
  • Helps implement international standards, such as ISO 45001

What if I already have an e-Checklist System in place?

If you are already subscribed to another system, such as iAuditor or Yellow Jacket, then simply avail our e-learning component of the content builder. 


You will find that our e-Checklists are lower cost and easier to use than the competition. And the benefits of having your training, records, and documentation on a single system, all in one place, are countless.