Fire Safety In Industry – What Everyone Needs To Know

fire safety

Fire Prevention in the Workplace

Why this Fire Safety Online Course?

  • Enhances training compliance
  • Fire safety awareness training reduces potential financial implications associated with fire damages
  • The learner can complete this training anywhere and at any time
  • Fire safety training for employees improves their ability to deal safely with fire hazards and risks
  • It is accessible via computer or mobile App
  • Fire safety at work training saves money – no work downtime, no travelling required
  • Engaging audio and visual content with short and punchy sections
  • Interactive section quizzes with drag and drop, multiple choices, true/false options
  • IIRSM-approved certificate available immediately upon successful completion

Fire Safety Training Courses

Human Focus is currently offering the following online training courses under the fire safety toolkit:

What does Fire Safety Training Course in Industry Cover?

At the end of this  fire safety awareness course, the learner will be able to understand:

  • What are basic fire prevention principles?
  • What are the sources of ignition?
  • What are the sources of fuel?
  • What are the safe systems of work?
  • Knowledge about different fire safety equipment and their correct usage
  • Knowledge of fire evacuation procedures through fire drills
  • How to extinguish small fires?

Fire Safety Awareness Course- Target Audience

This fire safety training course is ideally designed for:

  • Employees, of any sector, worldwide
  • Supervisors, of any sector, worldwide
  • Managers, of any sector, worldwide

Why Your Organisation Needs this Fire Safety in Industry Course?

If a fire were to occur at work, it could have devastating effects – people can lose their lives. Your organisation may never recover. It is important to ensure high standards of safety to control fire risks at your organisation. Here, fire safety training for employees plays a vital role.

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace