Display Screen Work – What Everyone Needs To Know


Working With Display Equipment

In this display screen equipment e-Learning programme we explore the health and safety issues of working with display screens or computer equipment.

We will see that this technology poses a range of possible health risks – both to physical and psychological health.

The latest evidence-based guidance says that both mind and body have to be protected in order to work safely with display screens.

We will see how these two aspects – physical and psychological health – interact and combine.  Being healthy relies on striking a good balance in both areas.

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Benefits of this DSE E-Learning Course

  • The training ensures employee’s health and safety while working with display screen equipment
  • It helps to reduce the occurrence of accidents and illnesses from using display screen
  • It lessens the risk of developing musculoskeletal related conditions
  • Display screen training course is 100% online- you can complete it from anywhere and at anytime
  • Accessible 24/7 via computer and mobile application
  • The training course saves money- no travelling required to reach the classroom, no work downtime
  • The course content comprises of audio/visual format, with short and punchy sections
  • The knowledge test consists of an interactive section quizzes having drag and drop multiple choices, and true/false options
  • IIRSM- Approved certificate, upon successfully passing the knowledge test at the end of the course

DSE Course Content

In this training, you will explore:

  • Psychological Health – linking to Physical Health
  • Sitting Comfortably while working with DSE
  • Arms and Shoulders while working with DSE
  • Reading the Screen while working with DSE

DSE Online Course-Target Audience

This e-learning training is specially designed for:

  • All Employees, working in an office environment, who are regularly using a display screen

Why Your Organisation Needs this Online IIRSM-Approved DSE Course?

As an employer, it is your prime responsibility to protect your workers from injury and ill-health, including DSE related health issues.

This training helps your organisation to:

  • Improve productivity, as training reduces the likelihood of ill health
  • Introduce safety and health culture within the organisation

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace