Laptop Work Safety Training

Course Name: Laptop Work – What Everyone Needs To Know

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35+ minutes course

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Laptop Work – What Everyone Needs to Know

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Laptop computers have freed us from our desktops and have enabled us to travel and work whenever and wherever we want. Due to the wide range of environments in which laptops are used, and the design of the equipment, this freedom also presents challenges to our health, safety and comfort.

This Laptop safety online e-Learning course will help your people and organisation to better understand the hazards of working with laptops in different environments.

Laptop Safety Training Course Benefits

  • Teaches employees how to maintain their health and safety while working on laptop
  • Raises awareness on how to maintain its security and respond effectively in case of attack
  • Educate employees about how to safely handle laptops while working
  • This Laptop computer safety training course is 100% online- the learner can complete it from anywhere and at any time.
  • It is easily accessible through computer and mobile application
  • The training course is money saving- no travelling required, no work downtime
  • Content uses audio/visual format, so the learner can develop a clear understanding
  • Interactive section quizzes consist of drag and drop, multiple-choice questions and true/false options to easily access the learning of employee from this training
  • The leaner will receive a RoSPA assured certificate, upon completing the laptop computer e-Learning course online

Laptop Work Safety Course Content

This laptop equipment safety course will teach you about general principles of laptop usage:

  • Laptop Setup
    • Incorrect Posture
    • Correct Posture
    • Applying the Correct Sitting Posture
    • Applying the Correct Posture for Elbows, Wrists & Shoulders
    • Eye Problems
  • Laptop Security
    • Avoiding Risks
    • Concealment
    • Attack Reactions
  • Manual Handling
    • Lightening the Load
    • Safe Lifting & Handling Techniques
Learners will also see how risk assessment principles can be applied in:
  • Homes and Hotels
  • Car
  • Trains and Plains

Who Should Take Laptop Safety Training?

The target audience of this eLearning course is:

  • All Employees who need to work on laptops for a long time, in any office environment

Why Your Organisation Needs this Laptop Equipment Course?

This e-Learning training explores general principles of laptop usage and identifies how these risk assessment principles can be applied in a range of different working environments.

This course will help your organisation to:

  • Introduce and maintain health and safety culture within the organisation
  • Increase organisational productivity, as training reduces the likelihood of sicknesses and ill health of employees

Product Details

Study length35+ minutes
Approval bodyRoSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Target AudienceAll Staff Members – Awareness level
FormatInteractive Video With End of Course Test Questions
AssessmentOnline Multiple Choice Test
CertificationOnline Certificate Issued Immediately On Course Completion

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