Hot Works

hot works awareness training course by human focus

Hot Works Awareness Training

Hot works training raises awareness of the risks associated with hot works. It offers knowledge about what causes hot work accidents, risk assessments, alternative methods, and safety principles that can help to work safely.

Around half of the accidents that involve hot works are due to the unsafe working practices. Tasks that include equipment like welders and grinders referred to as “Hot Work”. These tasks can lead to major injuries, even fatalities and damage to businesses.

Hence, it is essential to train workers is crucial in protecting against minor, major and even fatal injuries, as well as destruction of equipment and premises.

Risk assessment is the factor in shielding the safety of workers dealing with hot works. It is the process of identifying what could go wrong and ensuring precautions.

So, it is important to be familiar with risk assessments to deal safely with hot works.

Learning Outcomes of Hot Works Awareness Training Online

At the end of this awareness course, learners will understand:

  • Associated hazards and risks riding from hot works equipment
  • How to work safely while dealing with hot works
  • How to protect themselves in case of explosion or fire
  • The correct usage of hot work equipment
  • Precautionary measures that should put together to minimise the risks

Hot Work Safety Training Courses offered by Human Focus

Human Focus currently offers the following hot works training courses via our eLearning system:

Hot Work Safety – What Everyone Needs to Know

Target Audience

Hot works safety training course  is for workers at levels who need to undertake work with equipment such as welding, soldering, and grinding.

Any Prerequisites?

Hot work online courses need:

  • No prior Knowledge
  • No Previous Certification

Why your organisation needs Hot Work Online Courses for Employees?

  • Save Training Cost
    Avoid paying money to expert trainers. Save time away from work and travelling expense of classroom-based courses
  • Meet Compliance
    eLearning system helps in tracking completion for each trainee, thus offering compliance evidence
  • Save Time
    Hot work safety training is easily accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere
  • Build Reputation
    Build a positive company reputation within the global market by introducing safety awareness culture among employees

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace