Hazardous Substances in Industry

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Hazardous Substances in Industry- COSHH Online Course

Why this COSHH Online Training is important?

  • This COSHH for industry training helps employees to adopt safe working practices while working with hazardous substances
  • Helps workers to identify danger while dealing with hazardous substances at work
  • Educates employees with the safe handling of hazardous materials
  • This COSHH course is accessible via computer and mobile app
  • It saves money- no travelling required with no work downtime
  • The programme has audio/visual content with punchy sections
  • It consists of Interactive section quizzes having drag and drop, multiple choices, true and false options
  • RoSPA-Approved certificate for learners on passing the course successfully

COSHH Training Course Content

The course outline of this training programme is as follows:

  • Types of Hazardous Substance
  • Principles of COSHH
  • Practical Tips to reduce the risks

COSHH E-learning Industrial Course -Target Audience

  • All Employees, working in any industrial environment that deals with hazardous substances

COSHH Training Courses offered by Human Focus

Why your organisation needs this COSHH Industry Course?

  • The training course helps your company to improve reputation within the supply chain
  • Internationally recognised certification for workers
  • Enhance the productivity of the organisation as few hours lost to illness and injuries
  • Improves safety awareness of the organisation culture and appreciation of safety measures

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace