Hazardous Substances in Healthcare

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Hazardous Substances In Healthcare – What Everyone Needs To Know

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This online course looks at the types of hazardous substances present in the healthcare sector. It further examines important principles of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations and practical tips which help to stay safe when working around hazardous substances.

Healthcare workers are routinely exposed to a variety of hazardous substances. They must understand the risks involved and measures to protect themselves and others. This course supports meeting the legal requirement to provide information, instruction and training to any employee that works with substances hazardous to their health.

Course Outline

Hazardous Substances in Healthcare – What Everyone Needs to Know

This online training comprises the following sections:

  • Types of hazardous substances
  • Principle 1 of COSHH
  • Principle 2 of COSHH
  • Principle 3 of COSHH
  • Principle 4 of COSHH
  • Principle 5 of COSHH
  • Practical tips

Learning Outcomes

By taking this course, trainees will have a greater awareness of:

  • Common hazardous substances in a healthcare setting
  • Ways in which these types of substances can get into the human body
  • Effects of hazardous substances on the human body
  • COSHH principles that underpin the safe handling of hazardous substances
  • Fundamentals of how to fulfil COSHH obligations
  • Practical tips to reduce the risk of hazardous substances

Why Hazardous Substances in Healthcare Training is Vital

In the medical setting, many hazardous materials are handled or used that are potentially lethal. In fact, they are such a routine part of the job that it can be easy to forget just how dangerous they are.

The most common hazardous substance in a healthcare setting includes blood and bodily fluids, cytotoxic drugs, latex products, anesthetic gases and formaldehyde, used to fix samples in theatre. Exposure to these substances can lead to many short and long-term health effects such as skin rashes and disorders of the lung, kidney and liver.

Under COSHH Regulation ‘Everyone must receive training in their role and responsibilities in ensuring that hazardous substances are handled safely’. This programme supports meeting this legal obligation.

Course Benefits

  • RoSPA assured
  • Helps to improve the health and safety of healthcare workers
  • Improves awareness of good practice when handling hazardous substances
  • Supports compliance with COSHH
  • Concise yet informative presentation style
  • Easy to manage and track training

Course Details

Study length20+ minutes
Approval bodyRoSPA assured
Target AudienceAll staff members – awareness
FormatOne interactive module with an end of course test
AssessmentOnline multiple-choice test
CertificationOnline certificate issued immediately on course completion
Certification Validity Duration 3 years

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