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How to Avoid DVSA Vehicle Fines e-book by Ian Pemberton


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Who is Ian Pemberton?

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Ian Pemberton

What does the DVSA E-Book about?

Any commercial vehicle may be stopped by a police officer or a DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) examiner. If the vehicle inspection shows that the vehicle is unsafe to take out on the road, the DVSA examiner can issue the fines, prosecutions, and prohibition notices.

  • The Road traffic act 1991 says that your organisation, or a driver who works for you, will be guilty of an offence if they drive a vehicle or trailer which involves a danger of injury to any person.

Benefits of DVSA E-Guide

  • Educates about the DVSA and its importance
  • Raise trainee awareness about the legal obligations regarding DVSA inspection
  • Educates vehicle users on what to check for when assessing the condition of the vehicle being used
  • Educates about the load issues that DVSA examiner considers during an inspection
  • Raise awareness regarding fines and penalties applicable from driving unsafe vehicles
  • Educates trainees on meeting the legal compliance regarding DVSA inspection

The focus of the inspection is not just on the roadworthiness. It also aims at the safety of loads being carried.

This e-Guide helps trainees in the following ways:

  • Avoiding DVSA inspections, fines, and prosecutions
  • Ensuring that drivers comply with legal obligations

What does Avoiding DVSA Vehicle Fines & Prosecutions E-Book Covers?

  • Introduction to the DVSA Inspection
  • Legal duties regarding DVSA Investigations
  • What a DVSA examiner inspects on your vehicle
  • Load issues that may attract a DVSA inspection
  • Prohibitions and fines
  • What you need to ensure for meeting legal compliance
  • What drivers need to do if stopped by DVSA
  • Significance of DVSA training for drivers
  • Implementation of driver vehicle inspection training and mobile app record keeping
  • References for further reading

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