Safety in Confined Spaces – What Everyone Needs to Know


Confined Space Awareness Course

This safety in confined space training will educate learners to spot hazards and access risks in confined spaces. The course also provides safety instructions and procedures in the event of an emergency situation.

Working in confined spaces often presents hazards that can easily kill people. Every year, many are killed or seriously injured whilst working in confined spaces. Incidents often occur as employees are unaware of dangers, are not well-trained and lack safety equipment.

Important Note: This confined spaces training course does not qualify you to work in confined spaces. It only makes you aware of the hazards of working in confined spaces and general safety principles. If you work in confined spaces, you require additional more specialist training.

Confined Space Training Courses Offered by Human Focus

Human Focus is currently offering the following e-learning courses under confined spaces toolkit:

Benefits of Confined Space Entry Course

  • Help employees to understand the risks associated with working in confined spaces
  • Helps employees identify confined spaces
  • Educate delegates on how to perform pre-risk assessment and take safety measures
  • Teach employees about the safe emergency procedures in case of any unusual situation
  • Convenient learning- mobile app allows taking course anytime-anywhere
  • Confined space awareness course online offers effective learning with the help of video content
  • Interactive quizzes help to engage learners throughout the course
  • IIRSM- approved certificate for those who pass the training successfully

Confined Spaces Online Course Content

In this training programme, we will explore:

  • What are confined spaces?
  • Hazards associated with working in confined spaces, including:
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Toxic Gas
  • Free-flowing materials
  • Presence of liquids
  • Flammable substances
  • Excessive Heat
  • Pre-work Risk Assessment
  • Guard against fire and explosions
  • Ensure your air supply
  • Watch out for heat stress
  • Isolate the area
  • Make sure you can see
  • Emergency procedures

Who should take this Confined Spaces Training Course?

The intended audience for this training programme:

  • All Employees who may encounter workplace confined spaces
  • All Subcontractors who may encounter workplace confined spaces
  • Supervisors and managers who may encounter workplace confined spaces

Note:  This is an awareness course, it does not qualify you to work in confined spaces – specialised training may be required to do so and you should take care to check any specific training required for any given workplace situation

Confined Space Awareness e-Learning Training Organisational Benefits

  • Helps in developing safety awareness culture within the company
  • Improve employees’ productivity, because fewer hours are lost due to injuries
  • Helps track employee training records and compliance
  • Builds the good reputation of the organisation within the global supply chain

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace