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Risk Assessment Training for Managers

Course Name: Making Risk Assessment Effective – For Managers

Course Duration: 20+ minutes

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Making Risk Assessment Effective – for Managers

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If risk assessments are done right the chances of accidents and ill health occurring will be minimal. However, research shows that this process is often not doing what it should. Sometimes a risk assessment hasn’t been done at all. But more often, either they haven’t been done properly or management has failed to act upon the findings and implement suitable risk controls.

This online training course seeks to help managers evaluate and improve risk assessment to help avoid many common mistakes that occur.

Why this Risk Management Course for Managers is Vital

While almost all managers will be familiar with the risk assessment process, many risk assessments are too generic – not suitable or sufficient. What many managers fail to realise is that in the event of an accident or ill health their defence depends entirely on the quality of their risk assessments and what they’ve done in response to it.

However, research tells us that the risk assessment process is not doing what it should. Sometimes a risk assessment hasn’t been done at all. But more often either they haven’t been done properly or management has failed to act upon the findings and implement suitable risk controls

In other words just because you’ve done a risk assessment and filled in the appropriate paperwork it does not necessarily mean you and your colleagues are safe.

This training programme works to support effective risk assessment practice(s) at work and also to enhance compliance with legal duties to keep the workplace safe.

Objectives of Making Risk Assessment Effective – for Managers Training Course

This online training course aims to enable its participants to perform, review, and improve risk assessment by following key practices according to health and safety legislation. Participants will be able to identify the risks associated with poor risk management, implement best practices to avoid human error in risk assessment, and review risk assessment procedures to improve their effectiveness.


This online training course requires no prior subject knowledge or certification to enroll. All that is required is an electronic device and a WiFi connection.

Course Content

Making Risk Assessment Effective – for Managers

This online course covers the following topics:

  • Evaluation of risk assessment effectiveness
  • Root causes for accidents or ill health
  • Common mistakes in the risk assessment process
  • How to conduct effective risk assessments

Who this Risk Assessment for Managers Course is for

This online health and safety course on risk assessment for managers is intended for individuals who have a specific duty to protect the health and safety of their workforce and the workplace through the performance of risk assessment. This includes employers, managers, supervisors, risk assessors, and others who fill similar roles.

Learning Outcomes of Risk Assessment Course for Managers

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of effective workplace risk assessment
  • Implement efficient and practical risk assessment at work
  • Explore ways to improve risk assessment practices
  • Identify the source of risks and potential problems
  • Apply updated risk assessment practices
  • Take action against identified risks or other issues

Why Choose Human Focus for Making Risk Assessment Effective – for Managers Course?

Choosing Human Focus offers the following benefits to the participants and the organisations

  • IIRSM approved
  • Compliant with health and safety at work regulations
  • High-quality video course with clear voiceover
  • Short, informative, and interactive content
  • Interactive quizzes to support learning

Course Format

  • 100% online
  • Start learning immediately
  • 20+ minutes in length
  • End of course knowledge test


IIRSM approved certificate issued by Human Focus upon completion of training course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should perform a risk assessment at work?

Employers must conduct risk assessments on the work their employees do under the law. If an organization employs more than five employees at work, the results must be recorded with details of any group of employees who could be at risk. Employers must consult their workers and other health and safety representative; this might help understand the nature of the risk and what necessary actions are required to mitigate such hazards.

What are the benefits of effective risk assessment for a business?

Conducting an effective risk assessment ensures that managers and supervisors have made necessary corrections to the risks discovered during assessments, and so, this will in return provides the following benefits to the company. Such as:

  • Optimum productivity – Spending time on defective tools and systems can result in wasted company time and effort as well as lower employee productivity. On the other hand, if employers remove such barriers from work there will be a rise in staff’s productivity and quality of work
  • Better-off employees – Providing a healthy and stress-free work environment can also result in positive staff behaviour. When employees feel safe, they will continue working for your business, resulting in a decrease in turnover
  • Cost savings – Lower chances of accidents and injuries at work surely decrease the cost of hiring new staff or training existing ones. Fewer incidents can also lead to lesser chances of legal claims, heavy fines, or penalties
  • Positive Brand Image – When you are seen as committed to safety, it will positively impact your business reputation and encourages other businesses to be associated with your brand

What are the 5 principles of risk assessment?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises employers and managers to follow these five principles for risk assessment:

Step 1: Identify the hazards

Step 2: Decide who may be injured and how

Step 3: Evaluate the risk and take necessary steps to control it

Step 4: Record your findings

Step 5: Review your risk assessment

What makes a risk assessment effective?

A good risk assessment recognizes all potential dangers and aims to prioritize them according to importance. Performing risk assessment helps businesses identify the gaps and critical risks at a workplace, and helps them to take steps accordingly.

Product Details

Study length20+ minutes
Approval bodyIIRSM approved
Target AudienceAll staff members – awareness
FormatOne interactive module with an end of course test
AssessmentOnline multiple-choice test
CertificationOnline certificate issued immediately on course completion

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