Behavioural Safety

behavioural safety

Behavioural Safety Training

This behaviour based safety training encourages learners to adopt safe practices at work to minimise the occurrence of accidents.

Research shows that 95 percent of all accidents at the workplaces are trigger by unsafe behaviours. These false behaviours tend to interact with other negative features inherent in workflow processes.

It is seen that after an accident, people find ways to blame others rather than identifying the root cause. In reality, unsafe work behaviours cause four times more accidents than hazardous work conditions.

Behavioural Safety Training Courses

Human Focus is currently offering the following e-learning courses under the behavioural safety toolkit:

Learning Outcomes of Behavioural Safety Course

  • Explore three behavioural motivators including triggers, consequences and payoffs
  • What are Signposts and how to spot them?
  • How signposts can be used to prevent accidents and ill-health
  • Highlights the actions if signposts come across that warn of impending trouble
  • Teach managers about different ways to make workplaces a safe working area
  • Educate managers about the management techniques to identify unsafe behaviours in the office workplaces

Target Audience

Behaviour based safety training courses are for:

  • All Employees, working in any industrial environment, globally
  • All Managers, working in any industrial environment, worldwide
  • Safety Professionals and Supervisors who are responsible for behaviours of employees


These behaviour based safety programmes are readily available with:

  • No prior Knowledge requirement
  • No certification requirement

Why choose Human Focus for BBS Safety Courses?

These eLearning courses will help your organisation to:

  • Cut Training Cost
    Avoid the cost of expert trainers, time away from work and travelling expense to reach the classrooms
  • Enhance Compliance
    The eLearning system maintains training completion for each learner and thus provides compliance affirmation
  • Saves Time
    Behavioural safety training is unlike classroom training, available online, to everyone anytime and anywhere
  • Builds Reputation
    By introducing safety awareness culture among employees, an organisation can achieve a good reputation within the global market

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace