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Behavioural Safety Training in Industry

Course Duration: 20+ minutes

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Behavioural Safety in Industry – What Everyone Needs to Know

£25.00 +VAT


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This online behavioural safety in industry course emphasises on the importance of safety signposts. It shows how these signposts, if used with correct practices, can help to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

According to a survey, 95% of workplace accidents occur due to unsafe behaviours. So, if we make our working behaviour’s right, we can save ourselves from a vast percentage of accidents. This behaviour based safety training will help learners on how to make their working behaviour safer to protect themselves from a number of accidents.

Behaviour Based Safety Training in Industry Benefits

  • Helps to improve the health and safety performance in the industry workplace
  • Teach learners about how to perform work activities in industries by adopting correct behavioural practices
  • Teach staff members how to use safety signposts to prevent the occurrences of accidents effectively
  • Effective e-Learning – The learner can take the course at his own pace. He can even retake a course, is understanding is not developed in the first attempt
  • Accessible 24/7 to everyone anywhere and anytime via the mobile application
  • Quick Learning – Content is presented in visual and audio format for ease of understanding
  • Interactive quizzes for developing learner’ interest in the course
  • Scored knowledge test
  • Internationally recognised CPD certified & RoSPA assured certificate on passing this behaviour based safety training course

Course Content of BBS Safety Training for Industry

This e-Learning programme will educate learners on the following:

  • Safety signposts
  • Behavioural motivator: triggers
  • Behavioural motivator: consequences and
  • Behavioural motivator: payoff
  • Types of payoffs
  • Report the payoffs

Behaviour Based Safety Training Target Audience

This online course is especially for:

  • All staff members, working in any industrial environment, globally

Why Are Behaviour Based Safety Training Courses Necessary for Your Organisation?

  • This e-Learning course will help in enhancing employees productivity-because few hours are lost to illnesses and accidents
  • Boost health and safety awareness culture within the organisation
  • Cut Training Cost – No need to pay heavy fees to trainers
  • Build a positive reputation of the company within the global market
  • CPD certified & RoSPA assured certification for staff members on successfully passing the BBS safety training for industry online

Product Details

Study length20+ minutes
Approval bodyCPD certified & RoSPA assured
Target audienceAll staff members - awareness
FormatOne interactive module with an end of course test
AssessmentOnline multiple-choice test
CertificationOnline certificate issued immediately on course completion

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