accident investigation

Accident Investigation

Human Focus offers the following e-learning courses under the accident investigation toolkit:

Accident Investigation - Introduction To The Principles

20+ minutes course
Aimed at All Staff Members – Awareness level

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Accident Investigation - Principles of Effective Investigation

25+ minutes course
Aimed at All Staff Members – Awareness level

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Incident investigation training courses give learners a deep understanding of the accident investigation process and the near misses in the workplace. These courses identify the root causes of the incidents to prevent them from reoccurring.

This training also highlights why root causes are routinely missed, thus helping organisations to initiate continual improvement programmes to enhance health and safety standards.

Learning Outcomes of Online Accident Investigation Courses

  • The learner will understand how to investigate reasons behind accidents
  • Teach the intended audience about the complete accident investigation process
  • Educate trainees about collecting facts after an accident has happened
  • Teaches how to perform effective root causes analysis for preventing reoccurrences of accidents
  • Educate trainees about why root causes routinely missed during accident investigations?

Accident Investigation Course Target Audience

These e-Learning training courses are ideal for:

  • Health and Safety Officers/Advisors
  • Safety Managers
  • Safety Representatives and Supervisors
  • Anyone who has the responsibility to investigate accidents


Online accident investigation training course does not require any prior subject knowledge or any previous certification

HSE Accident Investigation Course Organisational Benefits

  • Save Training Cost– no need to hire an expert trainer
  • Improve Compliance– This eLearning training tracks record of training completion of each learner, thus providing compliance proof
  • Saves Time- Online accident investigation courses saves time, available 24/7, anywhere anytime
  • Enhance Reputation- This training course will introduce safety awareness culture within the organisation. This will ultimately build the company’s integrity within the global market
  • Promote Productivity- Achieve more productivity of employees as few hours lost as a result of accidents
  • RoSPA Certification– Internationally recognised certification for trainees

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