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The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF)  has produced an interactive infographic to promote healthier and more comfortable home work practices.

This is a free resource that can be downloaded and used without restriction.

This interactive infographic is an excellent resource that can be sent out via email to your colleagues who work from home.

The infographic explores different workstation setups that are common in home working. For each arrangement, such as sitting on a sofa as opposed to dining room table, there is an interactive guidance box that provides more information.

The guidance explores simple ergonomic adjustments that can be taken to improve comfort and promote healthier work routines in home environments.

Research suggests that many homeworkers struggle to be as productive as those in properly designed offices. So, this is an important subject that needs ongoing focus to ensure employees maximise their comfort and productivity.

It may not be possible to provide all the necessary display screen station equipment to employees working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.  Therefore, providing information to them on how to set up the home-based workstation in the best possible way is absolutely essential in order for employers to help reduce risk and comply with working display screen equipment guidance.

If you would like to implement formal training in setting up an effective home office, including advice on the types of ergonomic adjustments explored in this info graphic, then Human Focus have produced a RoSPA assured online training course on this subject.

More information about this home working online health and safety training course is available here.

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