Free COVID Safe Workplace Infographic


The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF)  has produced an interactive infographic to promote safer workplaces during the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a free resource that can be downloaded and used without restriction.

This interactive infographic is an excellent resource that can be sent out via email to your colleagues which advises them on 10 key steps that are required for safer workplaces.

The infographic explores how your organisation can set up effective infection control prevention measures.  It also explores how you can assist colleagues who work from home.

The 10 steps outlined in the infographic are:

  1. Establish a COVID-19 response team
  2. Understand how the virus is transmitted – which includes things like hygiene regimes
  3. Carry out a coronavirus specific risk assessment so that you can establish what risk controls are required in your organisation
  4. Engage your staff in this process because many of the risk controls will require behavioural change from staff such as personal hygiene regimes
  5. Encourage behavioural change – unless people change their behaviour then behavioural based risk controls will be ineffective
  6. Implement risk control measures
  7. Monitor, review and learn

The home working support measures then are included in steps eight through 10 which are:

  1. Mental health and psychological well-being – which research suggests is a significant problem during lockdown
  2. Working from home – includes things like ergonomic adjustments employees can take to maximise their comfort in the home office
  3. Video etiquette when using remote meeting applications such as Zoom

If you would like to implement formal training in effective management of safer workplaces during coronavirus then Human Focus have produced a RoSPA assured online course called Coronavirus Managing Safely – information about this course can be found here

This training course will help you to implement the government guidelines on safer working during coronavirus – which can be found here.

Human Focus also have a range of training courses for frontline staff to help them understand how coronavirus is transmitted and the behavioural changes they need to make in order to implement your risk controls during this pandemic. There are multiple versions available of this course including office, industry and construction specific training programmes. – Information about this course can be found here.

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